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Jun 26, 2006 07:43 PM

Indian near Yonge and Eglinton???

I know there are a lot of Indian restuarants in the area but I don't know which ones are good and which to avoid. Anyone have any suggestions, including a price range would help as well.

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  1. Chef of India at 30 Eglinton East has an excellent lunch buffet. Can't vouch for their a la carte, though.

    1. I've ordered take-out from Chef of India, and it's quite good. I can't seem to recall exactly what I had, but nothing was disappointing, and I've had a lot of Indian food around the GTA (as well as growing up on it).

      1. Chef Of India. N/W corner, on Eglinton a few door in.

        I've been there a number of times for the lunch buffet. Fabulous. Best tandoori chicken I've had.


        1. Second most of the comments for Chef of India.

          As for others in the area, Indian Garden (Eg between Yonge and Duplex) also offers a lunch buffet which has varied between good and middling (chicken dishes seem to be their strength). Bombay Bhel (Eg and Redpath) offers healthy-sized thalis - their dhal is rich with shreds of ginger and their lamb melts in the mouth. Jaipur Grille (Yonge south of Manor) is the most expensive of the lot, though their lunch specials are good - their saag paneer is excellent.

          1. Chef of India is my favourite Indian restaurant in Toronto. The food is great, the service is very friendly and we have never been disappointed. Their a la carte dinner menu is what we usually go for...I've had the buffet once and it was quite good for a buffet.

            Give it a try! : )