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Jun 26, 2006 07:27 PM

Best New York Style pizza that's not Arinell?

I heard that there's a good shop on Divisadero, - but don't know the name. Can anyone help?


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  1. I think you might mean Little Star, which has deep dish as well as thin crust. As a former NYC resident, I thought their thin crust was pretty good. My DH, who is a native NY'er, liked it more than I did. Go figure. My favorite pizza in NY was Two Boots, which some would say isn't true NY pizza either. However, Pizza Orgasmica here in SF comes close, with a nice cornmeal crust. However, I still haven't found a pizza here to-date which rivals Totonnos or Grimaldi's.

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    1. re: AlleyCat

      Thank you, yeah, John's of Bleeker just edged out Grimaldi's for me, with John's being the best I think that I've ever had.

      Thanks again.

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        Nizza's "San Gennaro" combo with housemade sausage and bell peppers reminds me of my favorite pizza at John's, only with better ingredients.

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          Really? I've been to two John's locations (Bleeker and UES in the 60s), and got burned both times. I thought Grimaldi's and Lombardi's was 1000 times better. I got a plain cheese - should I have ordered something else?

          For NY style around here try Pie in the Sky in Berkeley. I also dig Speederia in San Carlos which is really good, but not quite as close to NY style as Pie in the Sky (the first place I found around here that was foldable).

      2. We discussed that two weeks ago:

        Little Star's deep-dish is the best I've had in this area. Thin crust was not so good. Not a place to go for NY-style.

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        1. re: Robert Lauriston

          Since this old thread has popped up I have to say I quite enjoy Little Star's thin crust pizza. I've had plenty in NYC and on the East Coast and I wouldn't exactly describe it as east coast style but still quite good and not too doughy like much of the pizza here on the west coast. The crust is pleasant and crispy in my experience, what was it about the thin crust you didn't like?

          1. re: Robert Lauriston

            I have to agree with Robert. The thin crust at Little Star was just so-so but their deep dish is excellent.

          2. BEST NY STYLE IN East Bay.

            Hand's down these are the best in the East Bay and perhaps Bay Area as a whole for NY style thin crust Pizza. Trust me, just go to all of them. Lanesplitter also has excellent California micro-beer.

            Arinell Pizza



            1. second for lanesplitter at san pablo and university in berkeley. it's not so much grimaldi-esque, maybe more sal & carmine-ish??

              1. I like the pizza at Lanesplitter, at least when it comes out crispy (which seems to have become the default, used to have to specify). Doesn't remind me of anything I've had in New York, but there are a lot of different kinds of pizza there.

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                1. re: Robert Lauriston

                  Yeah, nothing on the East Coast reminds me of Lanesplitter and it is in the East Bay and not SF.

                  I heard that Georgios is like Gaspare's which is the closest in the city I've found to certain NY pizza styles.

                  1. re: Robert Lauriston

                    Its never been crispy when I've gone there...