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Jun 26, 2006 07:22 PM

Cheese Plate in OC

I recently went to Symposium Wine Bar in Irvine and was highly disapointed to get three TINY slivers of cheese for like $12. Can anyone recommend a good place to get a great cheese plate? Preferably places that will allow you to just have wine but also willing to check out others recs that dinner would be more appropriate.

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  1. The best cheese selection I've had is at Pascal (now Tradition by Pascal) in Newport Beach. But this is definitely a dinner place, with cheese as dessert, or a precursor to dessert (which is my own preference). Pascal Epicerie has cheese, though I'm not sure if you can get a cheese plate or not. If you can, that would be a good place to enjoy cheese & wine.

    1. The last Saturday of each month at Laguna Clinary Arts has a wine tasting. 8 wines for $1. Better than their wines was their cheese selections. I think the standard cheese plate is $10 but enough to possibly warrant a doggie bag. We usually choose our own cheeses. Last Saturday, we got Papillon (Blue), Purple Haze (Goat), Point Reyes (Blue), and two others with some killer olives. Not sure how much $ but it was a cheap outing, great food, ok wine.

      Symposium has a better wine selection and really knowledgable staff. Skip the food there.

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        Thanks for the heads up. I'd never heard about this before but looking at the website it looks really promising. What is the scene like? Younger, older, crowded? Would it make for a good informal date to go to cheese tastings?

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          Yes, the Cheese & Wine shop there in Laguna Canyon is tiny, but has a good selection of cheese and several wines by the glass that you can mix and match, whatever you want, anytime they are open. I've had the Purple Haze chevre too, with it's touch of lavender and fennel pollen. Good Spanish Serrat cheese and many others. Their homemade soups are good. Very casual, nice people.

          If you're in Dana Point, there's a new wine bar called Purple Feet, which has 80 wines by the glass and a good assortment of cheese to create your own plate, as well as other foods. I found Ewephoria aged Gouda there, three decent slices for $6 and their goat cheese pizette is nice, but the wine prices are very high.

          1. re: Moka

            The crowd is mixed but has the feeling of a cafe. Absolutely fine for an informal date or just a prelude to an outing. The edibles are fantastic. The wine is just ok in my opinion. Great staff and atmosphere.

            Moka, I've heard about Purple Feet but haven't been there yet. They're having a Ridge tasting on July 6 and hope to attend. mmmmmmm! Ridge!