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Jun 26, 2006 07:18 PM

ISO Good Oaxacan besides Guelaguetza and Monte Alban

I've recently started exploring Oaxacan cuisine and I'm wondering where I should go in addition to Guelaguetza and Monte Alban?

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  1. The OC Weekly's Gustavo Arellano believes that Guelaguetza is "...nowhere near as good as El Fortin" in Fullerton.

    After reading this, it's been on my to-do list; you might want to give it a shot yourself.

    1. Check out Antequera de Oaxaca at Melrose and Wilton. It's a little, family-run place that I prefer to Guelaguetza. They have all the moles, cecina, etc. that you can get at Guela all of which are great, but the real prize are the botana plates, appetizers including memelas, cheese, chicharron, chorizo, guac, etc. They also have some interesting beverages. I had a squash, pumpkin seed drink once, and they do a good hot chocolate, no liquor license though.

      1. Juquila is also on Santa Monica Blvd. about 3 blocks east of Monte Alban, and Tlapazola Grill on Gateway at Pico, though fancier than the others, are two more options west of the 405. El Saxon Oaxaqueno is another board favorite, yet I do not know its exact location, yet also fairly close by.

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          El Sazon Oaxaqueno is at 12131 Washington Place in Mar Vista, 310-391-4721.

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            I also like Juquila. I particularly like the mole negro (black). The mole coloradito (red) is also good, but I prefer the negro.

          2. Juquila is wonderful for breakfast lunch or dinner. Tlapazola Grill is overpriced and underflavored, which is a shame because the food is fresh and sounds really interesting when you read the menu.

            I went to El Fortin in Fullerton over the w/end and was very impressed. We had the botana ($38 for 4 people... at LEAST 4 people!). It's nothin' fancy but the tasajo had a deep smoky flavor and the tamales de pollo con mole negro were really tasty. No alcohol for sale.

            1. The epic east side Taco Truck La Oaxaquena on Lincoln and Rose near Santa Monica! :) I love their Mamelas much better than Guelaguetza. But Guelagetza wins with their Horchata... YUM!! :)