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Jun 26, 2006 07:16 PM

Albuquerque, NM

This fall, my boyfriend and I will be driving across country. We will be staying in Albuquerque and wanted to know of any "must eat" places!


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  1. Please see my response to yesterday's query by driggs ("Good Mexican North of Albuquerque"):

    1. Obviously there are many New Mex places from which to choose. My favorites are:

      Perea's - family coffee shop kinda place. Breakfast and lunch only. KILLER refrieds. Tasty, HOT salsa. Both red and green chiles are good, if not particularly hot.

      Sadie's - big, corporate kinda place, but from humble roots. HUGE portions. Papitas (small cubed potatoes) with red or green chile are kickin. Salsa hotter than Perea's, among the hottest in town, but still very flavorful.

      Frontier - ABQ's idiosyncratic 24-hour job. Good solid food, interesting scene any time of day. Green Chile salsa is served warm and has some serious kick. Tortilla soup with shredded chicken, spiced up with a splash of the salsa is quite yummy.

      And if you tire of Mex you can enjoy an array of New American small plates at Graze By Jennifer James. Arguably the best chef in ABQ, Graze is a more casual place than her eponymous restaurant, and the food totally rocks.

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        Thanks for the suggestions. I think we will either maka a sopt at Sadie's or Graze depending on the "mood".

      2. I went into the Frontier with very low expectations - after all, it is a campus eatery and an unusual layout.

        The food was truly outstanding and incredibly inexpensive. The posole was very flavorful and the pork adovada tacos where spicy with a kick.

        The tortillas were think and made on premises.

        Dinner for two was $16.

        1. For dining in Albuquerque or anywhere in NM a must read is,
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