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Jun 26, 2006 07:11 PM

La Vie in Rosemead?

Has anyone been to La Vie in Rosemead?
I am going there tonight with friends.
My friend suggested the place.
She said she heard good things about this French restaurant.
Any recommendation on what to order?

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  1. My ma-in-law is French, and pa-in-law an avid connoisseur of oldfashioned French-restaurant food, and La Vie is where most of our festive family gatherings are held. Maman always gets the sweetbreads, Papa either that or the steak, (French) sister-in-law always the steak. I've had the rabbit, the duck, a chicken dish and a pork-loin special, of which only the last was disappointing. We always get at least one dessert soufflé, which must be ordered at the beginning of the meal; I'm not a soufflé person, but I love their mousse au chocolat.

    It's mostly dead-on reiterations of classic mainstream French food, not at all innovative but well-prepared by an accomplished Vietnamese chef, and very reasonably priced. My principal criticism is that no matter what you order it'll come with the same adequate-but-boring side items, but on the other hand at something like $20-25 per plate you can hardly expect a lot of creativity.

    Dress code is essentially nonexistent. Our crowd always dresses up a bit because we like to, but most of the patrons tend towards the jeans-and-sweatshirt ensembles. Very pleasant, calm but informal atmosphere.

    1. La Vie is a very comfortable place. I've had the chicken cordon bleu, steak and prime rib and my wife has had the chicken dishes. All are uniformly good considering how relatively inexpensive this place is. Will Owen's post above pretty much says it all but I wanted to chime in and say this is a worthwhile find, especially for the area. I think most dishes (which include sopu, salad, good bread and coffee) are below the $20 mark. The wine list is decent, nothing spectacular, and the dessert menu looks good but we are never hungry enough after the meal to add anything extra to it. If you are a wine enthusiast, it may be better to bring a bottle of your own.

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        Papa tends to monopolize the wine list, so I don't really know what's on it, much less what the prices are - he always gets a Beaujolais there anyway, with which I have no quarrel at all. I'd imagine monkuboy's advice is very good, if your tastes run to the more adventuresome than that. I somehow can't imagine their cellar hiding too many rare and wonderful treasures.

      2. Has anyone been recently?