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Jun 26, 2006 07:09 PM

World Map

I might be being a picky map-dork here, but I think you should change the world map projection you're using on this site. This one is the outdated Mercatur projection which distorts the relative area of the northern hemisphere in relation to the southern hemisphere to the extent that Greenland looks like it's the size of Africa.

Just a suggestion...

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  1. normally i'd say nitpick!
    but considering the culinary weighting of the equatorial countries (as opposed to canada, siberia, and greenland) i have to say right on!

    1. That's the least of the problem with the map and the International listings. I really like the new site, but the International side of things is a mess...

      The Map
      --the US is now North America
      --Canada is presumably a new continent
      --Mexico is part of South America

      The International List
      --it's a horrible hodgepodge, I already wrote another post about this a few days ago

      I love the new site and it seems that great care was put into the US side of things and that even greater things are on the horizon.

      That said, I really hope the problems with the International listing get sorted out soon. Some might say this is nitpicking, but basic geographic competency is important if Chowhound wants to extend its reach beyond the US. Shoestrings and boulders and impending apocalypse... I really do understand all that. But it would have been better to leave one International board until there was time to really think it through and do it right.