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Please give thoughts on my Paris restaurant list. Thanks!

We are staying in the Marais and looking to have a bunch of very good meals for a very good price with the exception of one night where we are willing to spend a little more (but not nearly Taillevant prices) for a nicer, only in Paris, place.

Sorry if that's confusing at all.

In the meantime does anyone have any thoughts on the floowing places?

Au Pied De Cochon
Rouge Tomato
Mon Veil Ami
Aux Lyonnais - for our one nicer place (any other thoughts?)
Chez Rene
Les Pipos

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  1. On my last three trips to Paris, I used Sandra Gustafson's "Great Eats Paris" book and found her advice to be spot-on. If she says a place will be crowded, it will be. If she says the fish is great, it is.

    Also, near the Marais, a little fancy but not too pricey, my family and I love Bofinger.

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      I have used and liked Gustafson's books, although when I lived in Paris I had an outdated copy and would often haunt after restaurants she described that I liked the sound of and were no more, wishing and wanting. But I want to make a plug for the Time Out magazine guide to Paris restaurants -- you can buy it when you arrive in Paris, or at a good magazine/book store in your home country. This is updated yearly by an army of smart young writers, and really covers the eating scene and its highs in the city. I have found so many special places with it over the years. If you read French fluently, Nova magazine does a magazine eating guide too that is fun.

    2. Ardoise: 3 course prix fixe menu written on a blackboard, good modern bistro food; noisy, crowded and rushed service; bare bone decor.
      Mon Vielle Ami: many chowhounds like this place but I didn't have a good meal there last October. It was on a Sunday night and probably because they were runny out of food, the menu was very brief. There was also a shortage of waiters so the chef had to come out and bus tables.
      Au Pied de Cochon: not recommended for the food unless you're out near Les Halles at 3am and hungry.
      Aux Lyonnais: good hardly classic bistro fare in a lively atmosphere.
      Chez Rene: excellent classic bistro fare, large portions, wonderful cheeses; one of the best classic bistro in Paris. I would recommend this over Aux Lyonnais
      Les Pipos: a good old wine bar in the 5th; haven't been there in years; remembered it having good red rhone, simple plates of food.
      I have not been to the others on your list. Is Trumilou the correct spelling? Search the board and you'll find some excellent recommendations for Paris.

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        Disagree: Au Pied de Cochon, recommended for the food if you are wanting to eat, as I do right now, a pig's foot, stuffed with foie gras, or The Temptation of St. Anthony, all the parts of the pig -- ears, nose, feet, tail, etc. -- with good bearnaise sauce.

      2. The service at L' Ardoise is a bit rushed, but it is possible to sit back and relax and set the dining pace a bit. Make your decisions fast as the single board needs to move around the room.

        The fare is simple yet the flavors are rich and concentrated. I was very surprised with the flavor of the Jarrette (Pig Knuckle) as I always try it when I see it. The meat and fat melted together nicely in the mouth.

        There is little help with the wine list, but you will find some gems.

        1. Le Trumilou is in the 4th arr. right on the bank of the Seine. It is very reasonably priced and the food is good if not great. However, it is a lively place usually filled with in-the-know Parisians. It is a bistrot, and bar. Lots of fun.

          1. Aux Lyonnaise is a very pretty bistrot, but in my one meal there I was less than impressed. Why not splurge a Atelier Robuchon or Senderens? I think you would enjoy the wonderful menu at L'Os a Moelle in the 15th. It is very accessible by metro.

            If you are adventurous you could make your way to Le Baratin in the 20th arr.

            I love lunching around the Canal St. Martin in the 10th. Take a picnic.

            1. My favorite for reliability, price, and authenticity is Le Scheffer on Rue Scheffer, near the Trocadero train stop in the 16th. It is so wonderfully itself. I second the vote for L'Os a Moelle on Rue Vasco de Gama or, if you want less formality, its wine bar which is right across the street from the restaurant. I think its the most innovative menu you will find for a set 39 euro price. And I still love Florimonde in the 7th.

              1. Le Regalade in the 14th is the best bistro I've been to in Paris. I guess it is long discovered by now. You need to book at least a week in advance. I haven't been in more than two years ... Didn't book ahead last time I was in Paris, sadly.

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                  Did you know that Regalade is under new management, which has been getting mixed reviews. The former chef bought a hotel in the 6th arr. Le Relais St. Germaine, at the Carrefors de l'Odeon. The restaurant there is called Le Comptoir. They do not take reservations for lunch and it is difficult to get dinner reservations unless you stay at the hotel or get lucky by just walking in. It has gotten mostly positive comment. I have not been but, I understand that the menus for lunch and dinner are very different, but both good. If you go please post a review.

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                    Thank you for this information--I did not know. Big difference from the Odeon area and the off-the-beaten-track part of Montparnasse where R was located. Has anyone eaten at Regalade more recently? Such good memories of dinners at this place, but, yes, it has been a little while.

                2. Here is our list of restaurants in the 4th along with our ratings and the year(s).

                  --Jo Goldberg, 7, rue de Rosiers, 4th, lunch* 2000
                  --Sacha Finkelsztajn, 27, rue de Rosiers, 4th, pastries*** 2000, 2004
                  Wonderful Jewish pastries—we go twice each trip
                  --Pom’ Cannelle, 27, rue de deux-Ponts, 4th, ice cream* 2000
                  --Berthillion, 31, rue Saint-Louis-en-l’Ile, 4th, ice cream**** 2000, 2001, 2004
                  Perhaps the best ice cream and sorbet in the world—we always eat here
                  --Les Philosophes, 28, rue Vieille du Temple, 4th, breakfast and cafe** 2004
                  --Le Pain Quotidien, 18-20, rue des Archives, 4th, breakfast** 2004
                  --Le Dome du Marais, 53, bis, rue des Francs Bourgeois, 4th, dinner*** 2004
                  Very good food, but a spectacular interior dome
                  --Bofinger, 5 et 7, rue de la Bastille, 4th, dinner** 2004
                  Great interior, good food, terrible service
                  --l’Excuse, 14, rue Charles V, 4th, dinner*** 2004
                  Intimate and excellent restaurant—a real find
                  --Chocolats Mussy, 8, rue du Bourg-Tibourg, 4th, chocolates** 2004
                  --Cacao et Chocolat, 36, rue Vieille du Temple, 4th, chocolates* 2004
                  --Amorino, 47, rue Saint-Louis en l’Ile, 4th, gelato** 2004
                  --Cafe Beaubourg, 100, rue Saint-Martin, 4th, lunch** 2004
                  --L’as du Fallafel, 34, rue des Rosiers, 4th, lunch** 2004
                  Great fallafels
                  --Grizzli Café, 7, rue Saint-Martin, 4th, dinner*** 2004
                  --Baracane, 38, rue des Tournelles, 4th, dinner*** 2004
                  --Le Dome Bastille, 2, rue de la Bastille, 4th, dinner**+ 2004
                  Decent but not great seafood

                  **** great
                  *** very good
                  ** good
                  * okay
                  0 skip it

                  1. I had an EXCELLENT meal at Benoit near the Pomidou Center in Les Halles-highly recommend. It is not inexpensive but it will not break the bank either. Also another excellent meal in the 7th at Au Petit Tonneau. Very small place, very great food at very resonable price and the chef is a woman-Madame Chef as the waiter calls her is a real character and if you are lucky she will sing-very well mind you. In the 6th-Chez Maitre Paul-excellent chicken dishes-reasonable. Le Vieux Bistro-seems like it would be a tourist trap right across from Notre Dame but one of the best meals we have had-went for lunch-filled only with Parisians. Try the scallops in whiskey sauce or the Sole Meuniere and do not skip the Tarte Tatin with the creme friache! We also ate at Le Florimond in the 7th which was cute and had the nicest waitstaff but I wasn't as keen on the food as I have heard from other people-it wasn't bad-although my husband despised his lapin roti-but it wasn't show stopping either. We did have a lovely bottle of white Sancerre here and a very good Millefeuille and my children had a roasted veal that was fairly tasty.

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                      Benoit is a great place. It is the newest alain ducasse acquisition, many politicans eat there. a little pricey, 200 euros for two. i would also highly suggest l'assiette in the 14th, rue chateau. the chef is a real character. like your french grandmothers food but 10 times better. and the best deal in town. after years of 50 euros plats, the chef on the eve of her retirement has decided to shake it up a bit. dinner is 50 euros with soup, entree, plat and dessert. no changes in the quality. you don't have many choices, but it never disappoints.

                    2. If you are looking for a place you will use for breakfast, lunch and dinner-very reasonable; try Cafe des Musees on rue Turenne-two blocks from the Place des Voges

                      1. Had dinner at L'ardoise last night - great meal of Boudin in puff pastry and a Lapin stew. Try to sit upstairs - service was v. slow downstairs. Best desert ever - a citron tart.

                        1. I recommend going to "Chez Janou." It's in the Marais sort of tucked away and I've had two great experiences there. 2, rue Roger Verlomme, 75003 Paris - 01 42 72 28 41. Food is great and it's not totally expensive. Great experience food and atmosphere wise.

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                            I secon this recommendation; I had a very nice lunch at Chez Janou.

                          2. I totally recommend Le Dome restaurant in Montparnasse. Arroindismont 14..Awesome Fish..called turbo..Expensive, but very worth while.

                            1. Ditto on Chez Janou - lovely meal, and fun and funky vibe... people of all ages and appearances... lively and fun. I'm going back in a few months and it's on y list of places to re-visit.

                              1. I had forgotten how much I loved my meal at Le Dome until I read this post! Their whole-fish sole meunière must've been made with an entire stick of butter----yum!

                                1. juveniles, the small wine bar owned by a scotish man.