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Jun 26, 2006 06:33 PM

One night in London

There's certainly plenty of good London recommendations on this board, but let me please add my specific request:

I need a recommendation for a great restaurant where I can get a reservation on short notice. I'll be staying at One Aldwych on Tuesday night (tomorrow!) and did not make plans in advance. Location is unimportant: convenience to One Aldwych would be nice, but I certainly don't mind traveling. Cost is not a consideration, but that doesn't mean that recommendations should be limited to the most expensive places.

Any thoughts?

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  1. Try for available restaurants and reservations. Sorry I don't have any suggestions. I'll be there myself next week and hope to go directly to Petrus.

    1. you should check out the newly vamped savoy grill under the direction of marcus wareing.

      if nothing else, you'll be dining at a famous tory favourite - from sir winston to lady maggie.

      i had a perfectly lovely meal there recently - and its walking distance from you.

      1. The Savoy (above) really is yummy.

        Also good, and close by, are J. Sheekey's and the Ivy.