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Jun 26, 2006 06:27 PM

private dining in Beantown

My son is looking for a restaurant to hold his company's Xmas party, 35-50 people. They have gone to Maggiano's the past few years, want to try something different but probably in that price range, preferably near the T. I don't live in Boston nyself so am not that familiar with what restaurants have private facilities there. Thanks!

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  1. It's hard to avoid chain restaurants for that many people in that price range -- and I happen to like Maggiano's group dining experience far better than most chains -- but have a look at these, which are mostly a little pricier but a good value: East Coast Grill, Stella, Summer Shack, Silvertone, The Stockyard, Vinny's at Night. MBTA buses go by the places that aren't close to subway stops.

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      I agree (I've hosted my own company Xmas party at Maggiano's in DC!) but appreciate their desire for something new - thx for the ideas!

    2. Legal Seafoods has private dining in some of their locations, including at the Pru.

      Cuchi Cuchi in Cambridge will close the restaurant on Sunday's for private parties. That might be a fun thing to do.