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Jun 26, 2006 06:26 PM

ISO: anything worth checking out in Downey?

i will be housesitting/dogsitting for an aunt in downey until thursday and would be curious to check out some interesting & good restaurants in the area...ethnic or otherwise. im up for anything. ill also be dining solo.

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  1. Sambi of Tokyo is pretty good, otherwise I'd say get outta town!

    1. I know its a chain, but the Original McDonalds (or something like that) is in Downey....

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      1. re: Xericx

        Just drove by there Saturday, it's still there, but they are building one of their McDiners next door, wonder what that portends.

        1. re: ChinoWayne

          I think it's actually the second or third McDonalds drive-in with the golden arches but the oldest still standing. Am pretty sure I read it has historic landmark status. Have fond memories of eating there often when I was a toddler back in the '50s.

      2. Granata's Italian Villa 11032 Downey Ave. (562) 927-0014. They serve some pretty good Italian. Happy hour during the week 2 drinks for the price of one. Wednesday they have some cream of mushroom soup that is to die for.

        Marisa's Mexican 11949 Paramount Blvd, Downey, 90242 - (562) 861-1783. Good Mexican food, love their quesadillas as they put a big green chili (It is Monday, I have brain fade as far as what kind of chile it is)

        Also, I hate to share but for the best menudo ( I am a 43 yo LA native) I have had would be at @El Tiger Grill @ the northwest corner of Old River School Road and Stewart & Grey. Teri, the owner only serves it on Sat. & Sun. and they usually sell out quickly.

        Oh, and a new Chinese restaurant opened up (Downey has been a veritable wasteland when it comes to Chinese and most food for that matter.) Fortune Cafe 8024 Imperial Hwy 562-923-2515. They make all their noodles by scratch.

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        1. re: Agnes Gooch

          i'll still be in downey on wednesday...i might try that mushroom soup! thanks for the other recs.

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            Granata's Pizza is pretty good along with their Clam's and Linguine.

          2. I worked in Downey for about a month, and concluded that the best thing there is the Mexican food.

            AMAPOLA, 7414 Florence, has fish tacos with handmade tortillas.
            EL AZTECA, 11917 Paramount, has good Mexican food, including alambres.
            PARILLA'S CHE, 12121 Paramount, has excellent Peruvian roast chicken.

            My co-workers recommended, but I did not try:

            TOKYO GARDEN, 11946 Paramount, for sushi.
            LE CHEF, 8724 Garfield, in El Paseo, for French fare.

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            1. re: babalu

              ive heard good things about def going to try their fish tacos...thanks for the other mexican and peruvian recs.

              1. re: babalu

                i was so excited for amapola but its all boarded up and closed for renovations! just my luck. oh well. ill try el azteca today.

              2. If you can make it to Norwalk (it's not far!) you can go to Renu Nakorn, which is truly great Thai food.