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Jun 26, 2006 06:18 PM

taste of the nation: good event! any thoughts?

fun event!

any favorite dishes?

i thought that joe's grilled escolar with snap peas and and sriracha was a winner, as his dishes tend to be at food and wine events like these. the escolar was fatty and perfectly done.

i cant remember who served it but the burrata bruschetta was very tasty.

ciudads flank steak with avocado salsa was excellent.

kiriko did their blue crab handrolls which i asked for with little to know rice for obvious reasons!

i had about 5 oysters from watergrills station.

there were a lot of ceviche type options which were fine for the hot afternoon, especially the lobster salad in filo cup and jars lobster and mango in vinaigrette skewers

there were so many other dishes i cant remember all of them.

we ate so much and drank lots of tea, champagne, beer and wine and had a good fun time overall! tremendous value for 85 dollars!

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  1. I only heard about this reading the LA Weekly on Sunday...oops....sounds awesome...was it crowded?

    1. Thanks for the report (I saw on LA Weekly & on DailyCandy) -- maybe I'll give it a try should anything like it occur in the future (the $85 price tag did scare me off...)

      1. it wasnt too crowded, it was a big open outdoor space so it was cool. theres another good event coming up.
        i think its like 10 dollars off if you fill out a survey.
        for this caliber of food and wine its a great deal, and its tax deductable too. and for a good cause dont forget!

        1. I ate way too much there. Other than the heat it was amazing.

          I particularly enjoyed; Camden House, Ford's Filling Station and Ortolan's offerings. But there was so much that was good to eat around every corner.

          One thing I found interesting was that Ludovic from Bastide was billed as being part of this event, but I didn't see him or the restaurant represented there. I wonder if this means there is a delay with he and Joe's reopening as _______? Anybody?

          I'm gonna check out that, thanks for the heads