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Jun 26, 2006 06:12 PM

Little italy

Been wanting to eat in little italy...what is the best place to go? So hard to tell places apart from each other walking through

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  1. For really good Italian food, I would suggest you avoid Little Italy. If you want the best of both worlds, walk through Little Italy on your way to either Peasant on Elizabeth or Bianca on Bleeker. If you truly want to eat in Little Italy, then Da Nico is probably your safest bet.

    1. To which one are you referring? The tourist trap downtown or the real one in the Bronx (Arthur Ave?)

      I would definitely skip the one downtown.

      For great Italian hit Lupa instead or head up to the Bronx to Arthur Avenue.

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        I find Arthur Avenue to be fun, historic, but overrated. I have a full post of my thoughts.

      2. Angelo's on Mulberry is still excellent.

        1. I'd also go with Angelo's, been there a few times and thought it was very good.

          1. A couple of years ago, when I was visiting NYC, a friend and I visited Little Italy. We had absolutely no idea where to go. There was a bunch of restaurants with really long lines, but their food all seemed so mediocre. We finally went to a tiny restaurant that was hidden away. When we entered, there were few customers. We actually thought that the restaurant was about to close, and wondered if this was not a bad sign. The menu, however, looked just fine.

            Let me say that the food I had there was simply the best I have ever had. The home-made pasta (fetuccine) and white sauce were positively divine. The pasta almost melted in my mouth. My friend tasted my entree, and after finishing off her own entree, she ordered a second entree for herself: She ordered precisely what I had ordered and finished that off too. I also had an espresso (or was it cappucino, I forgot), and that was superb!

            The next time I visit NYC, I will be sure to visit this restaurant again.

            The restaurant is:

            Due Amici
            117 Mulberry Street
            New York, NY 10013

            I wonder if any Chowhounds have visited this restaurant. I would be curious if you had the same reaction.