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Jun 26, 2006 06:11 PM

SLO hounds: your favorite local fresh fruit pies?

At fruit stands or farmer's markets?

how important is the crust?

I like the pies at Avila Barn (though their cobblers are too sweet for me) and at El Rancho Market in Santa Ynez. Don't care for the crust at Cider Hill in Paso, it tastes of shortening.

Got a favorite to share?

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  1. Are any fresh apples now ready in See Canyon (SLO County), toodie? Which kinds? Do you know the apple calendar for See Canyon apple farms? Thanks.

    1. a bit early even for Graventsteins but here is last year's schedule. Bear in mind with all the late rain, things may be delayed this year. They should have their new schedule up soon.

      Nearby, Avila Valley Barn on Avila Beach Rd. is going full steam with berries right now and lots of valley fruit and veggies. No apples yet. Their pies are a bit too sweet for me.

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      1. re: toodie jane

        Thanks, toodie - the Braeburns were my favorites from a past visit - obviously in the fall. What are some other favorites to watch out for that are coming up sooner?

      2. Gravenstiens are coming up first, then I prefer the Mutsus and Pippins. Pink Ladys and Winesap and Arkansas Black. I love to go tasting but am not good at going back to buy. A shame becasue it's so close by. You get in your little commuting ruts, you know?

        The GG homepage says open the last week of July.
        There's also See Cyn Fruit Ranch.