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Jun 26, 2006 05:58 PM

Why Can't I open Chowhound with Mozilla as my Browser?

I am not able to open the new page with Mozilla, does this page work only with IE now? If no, how do I go about accessing through Mozilla Firefox.



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  1. Leanne, for what it's worth, the new Chowhound is working for me with the latest version of Firefox installed on a PC running Windows XP.

    Maybe you need to refresh the page to fully reload the new stylesheet? Ctrl-Shift-R, I believe.

    1. I've had no problems with Mozilla.

      You might need to clear your cache.

      1. I'm using Camino (Mozilla for Mac) and it works great.

        1. I had the same problem but it was definitely a cache issue (even though I thought I had it set to clear my cache every time I sign off).

          Ctrl Shift Delete in Firefox allows you to clear what you need to.