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Jun 26, 2006 05:58 PM

Washington Sq. Tavern vs. Beacon St. Tavern

Been a huge fan of the Washington Sq. Tavern for a couple of years now, and have never been disappointed by the food. One of the servers told me that it is the same chef doing the menu, and cooking, at the new Beacon St. Tavern as well, but have yet to make it down the street (literally) to check the place out. Anyone had the chance to dine there? Seems strange to open a place so close by that the two could actually compete for business... makes me wonder if the old is on its way to being phased out. ???

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    1. The original comment has been removed
      1. I went to the Beacon Street Tavern for dinner on Saturday and was very impressed. It was very crowded but the service seemed to be able to keep up with the crowds. I had an eggplant napolean which was great and my friend had the steak tips which she loved. They seemed to draw an after baseball crowd which is probably different from the W.S.T.

        1. I'm happy to hear the food was just as good as WST. I've been a long time fan and regular at the WST-- and have been anxious to test out Beacon Street (or Tavern Part Two: Electric Boogaloo) location. Sam is a talented young chef with lots of great ideas- and word on the street is that some of the items on the current BST menu are past items that were a hit at WST. Was VERY excited to hear the lobster roll is on the new menu b/c in the 5+ years I've been eating at WST, it was one of my favorites. Sammy, if you read this...bring back the flank steak sandwich on brioche with blue cheese and fried onions, please!

          Looking forward to checking it out- when the crowds die down.

          1. I went to the BST the other night and loved it. Just as good or better than WST if you count the larger space. The ribs, oysters and goat cheese salad were all excellent. We were able to hang outside and drink until 11 pm when Brookline's ordinance kicks in and you have to move inside. Excellent service as well...