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Jun 26, 2006 05:56 PM

Glitch in My Chow - number of replies

I love the My Chow feature - noticed that it is not current (even after refreshing my browser) in terms of the number of replies. In one case, My Chow showed 1 reply, but when I go to the actual post, there were 3 replies.

Just mentioning so that you are aware of this.


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  1. Just posted a fix. Let us know if you still see problems.

    And thanks for the bug report!

    1. Yeah, I'm having problems with "New" posts showing up at all on myChow. There won't be any new ones when I look at my page, but then when I go to, say the Home Cooking board, there will be three new posts to the topic. It worked when I first was using the new site, but not now.

      1. Do you have more than 10 posts or replies?

        Are they posts you started or posts you replied to?

        This feature doesn't work I thought it would. What you see is the 10 most recent posts that you either started or replied to by Topic Started date, not by your reply date.

        To give an extreme example, say you reply to 10 posts that were started today. Then going further in the boards, you reply to a topic started a week ago. That will never show up on your "My Chow" screen even though it is your most recent reply.

        I've almost spent zen-like time contemplating what is going on in this screen. If you want, I can finally tell you why this is a good thing.

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        1. re: rworange

          I probably don't have more than 10 new posts, if I do, it may be just a little over 10. But, for instance, I started this topic "Best, most aesthetically pleasing way to keep a dish cold at a picnic," and when I checked this morning on myChow, it didn't have a "New" by it, but then when I went to the Home Cooking board, the topic had a "New" by it, and there were several new replies.