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Jun 26, 2006 05:54 PM

Best chicken fried steak in Seattle?

Who has the best chicken (or country) fried steak in Seattle?

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  1. Gmm, I have searched high and low for a true Chicken Fried Steak and not some frozen Sysco dreck. I have not found anyone that makes a proper chicken fry from scratch. Hopefully your request will find the CFS Grail.....

    1. The 318 Tavern at the south end of the Fremont Bridge used to have a fine chicken-fried steak, but I don't know if either is still there. . . .

      1. Yeah, to answer my own question, it is now the "Nickerson Street Saloon" (and has been, for some time). I doubt that they still sell chicken-fried steak and -- if they do -- I doubt that it could be as good as the 318's was. Chalk another one up to progress, and pass the arugula.

        1. I really, really like the chicken fried steak at the Blue Onion on Roosevelt.