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Best chicken fried steak in Seattle?

Who has the best chicken (or country) fried steak in Seattle?

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  1. Gmm, I have searched high and low for a true Chicken Fried Steak and not some frozen Sysco dreck. I have not found anyone that makes a proper chicken fry from scratch. Hopefully your request will find the CFS Grail.....

    1. The 318 Tavern at the south end of the Fremont Bridge used to have a fine chicken-fried steak, but I don't know if either is still there. . . .

      1. Yeah, to answer my own question, it is now the "Nickerson Street Saloon" (and has been, for some time). I doubt that they still sell chicken-fried steak and -- if they do -- I doubt that it could be as good as the 318's was. Chalk another one up to progress, and pass the arugula.

        1. I really, really like the chicken fried steak at the Blue Onion on Roosevelt.

            1. Beth's on 99 used to be pretty good. Bottomless hashbrowns and big cubes of country fried steak in the gravy. Heart attack on a plate, but we are talking about CFS right?

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                Beths has big portions and is pretty good.Another good one is Mr.Bills on aurora take a left when you get to the first intersection by K-mart its down about a block on the right hand side before the casino.50s style place with waitresses that have SHORT skirts!!!!!!!!!!
                They also got a 5lb hamburger if you can eat it all you get it for free GOODLUCK!

              2. My personal favorite place to eat chicken fried steak is at The Mecca on lower Queen Anne, don't know whether it's authentic/from scratch but it sure rocks.

                Also, I have heard that St Cloud's in Madrona serves a excellent version of CFS, bacon in the gravy.

                As a tangent, I just ate a borderline acceptable CFS at the Silver Fork (diner on Rainier Ave) and it was served with BROWN gravy, is this a regional variation or abomination? You decide.

                1. I think they might only have it at breakfast, but the CFS at Peso's is great

                  1. Just tried the Blue Onion today. Good gravy but the steak and breading... blech.

                    The closest thing I've had to proper chicken-fried steak in Seattle is the chicken-fried chicken ("Mother & Child Reunion") at Hattie's Hat. Obviously not steak, but they get the breading and frying right, which is the most important part. It's got good crunch to it and good savory flavor.

                    1. I tried the Blue Onion Bistro's Chicken Fried Steak last weekend. It is by far the best in Seattle! Their sign doesnt lie. "Seattles Best Chicken Fried Steak" I'm told that the breading is from crumbs made from house baked bread and the meat is cut in the restaurant.
                      I'm going back for more!