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Jun 26, 2006 05:48 PM

best around Silver Spring, MD?

Got any good suggestions around the Silver Spring, MD area?
I'm board with my current favs

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  1. Not sure if these are already on your list, but Mandalay and
    Roger Miller are both good in Silver Spring proper. I hear they have some good thai places up there but when I'm up that way its usually Ruan Thai over in Wheaton.

    1. I am not certain what your current favorites are but two places in downtown Silver Spring that are not national chains are Vicino, a standard Southern Italian restaurant, on Sligo Avenue across from Jackie's, and Mi Rancho on Ramsey Avenue next to the Tastee Diner and about a block from the Silver Spring Metro.

      If Wheaton is included, I agree with Ruan Thai and would add Hollywood East on the Boulevard. Further afield, although still Silver Spring, are Samantha's at University Blvd. and Piney Branch or its sister restaurant, Azucar, on Layhill Road a mile or so above the Glenmont Metro.

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        We ate at Vicino (I think, but it was an Italian place across from Jackies) a few weeks ago and found it to be disappointing. Everything was very salty, and generally uninspired.

        1. re: mgelman

          Yes, that's Vicino. I don't like either Vicino or Mi Rancho but they both seem to have a lot of fans in the neighborhood.

          If you're just looking for dessert: Moorenko's ice cream on Georgia next to the Mayorga coffee place, near the DC line. Excellent ice cream, usually pretty empty - please go help keep it in business!

      2. The bandeja at Cubano's (in addition to the mojo sauce, ask for some of their aioli on the side).

        The felafel bar at Max's. The area's best.

        And, of course, Ruan Thai. Watercress special or the boneless duck. Make sure to impress upon them you want it Thai hot.