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Jun 26, 2006 05:36 PM

Seeking great carry-out chicken for 4th of July picnic!

Hello all!

I've started planning for the always-crazy 4th of July celebration near the monuments. I'd love to fry up some chicken to serve cold at my picnic, but it's a pretty ambitious undertaking for a novice cook like myself, especially with guests in town. Can anyone recommend a great place to pick up some fried or barbecued chicken to serve? Northern Virginia location would be a definite plus, as I'm near Old Town.

Thanks very much!


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  1. Flavors (bailey's x-roads) for fried

    El Pollo Rico for rotisserie

    1. Crisp and Juicy, I think there are a coupe of locations (one is just by Panshir) best rotisserie chicken in DC metro, I think it is either Peruvian or Brazillian style, better than Pollo Rico imo.

      1. Definately try Super Chicken in Wheaton. It's Peruvian style rotisserie chicken. IMO its better than Pollo Rico and you have more choices on the sides you can get if youre thinking of sides along with your chickens. I believe you can choose from fried yuca, french fries, rice, beans, coleslaw and salad. The place is located in a back strip mall area off veirs mill just east of university blvd in wheaton. its in the same strip as pollo rico. You cant miss the place its the only one that plays loud music at the door

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          i should have mentioned I was referring to the El Pollo Rico in Arlington, since a NoVA location was requested. My one trip to EPR in wheaton ranks well below my 60 or so trips to EPR in Arlington. Not sure why, because the marinade tasted basically the same and there was a good enough crowd to ensure turnover.

          The lack of sides is the big knock on EPR. I guess they already have as much biz as they can handle so no need to try and make it more complicated for themselves.

        2. Honestly - if you want good old fashioned fried chicken - Safeway stores do a pretty good job in their deli. Call ahead and order it so you get a fresh batch. But, really, it's pretty darn good.

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          1. re: DC Gal

            Ah, good idea. Does Kroger have a counterpart up here, because their fried chicken is really good too.

          2. If you are indeed planning on serving it cold, then that's one place where Pollo Campero shines imo. I don't like it otherwise, but when it chills, the sweet whatever they use really comes out nicely. Try it out first though, to make sure you like it, too.

            I also back Flavors first and also Safeway - I know where the fryer is in the one I shop in regularly and do order it if it's very fresh or about to come up.