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Jun 26, 2006 05:35 PM

Lunch in the 90065

Working out here on Media Center Drive and all I've seen are a Subway, McDonalds, etc...can anyone help a sister out? Thanks in advance!!

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  1. Well, Polka is a polish restaurant at Verdugo and York Blvd., one block west of the 2 Fwy, which serves good Polish lunch on Wed-Friday.
    Also, taking York Blvd into Highland Park on the other side of the 2 Fwy yields many options, many of course of the Latino variety.
    Eagle Rock also has many options on Eagle Rock Blvd. as well as Colorado Blvd.

    1. Try Autie Em's or Spitz.

      Not far for where you are and they are good places.

      1. Assuming you're working at Playboy (g)...
        Continue south on San Fernando about 1/2 a mile and there's a Greek restaurant by the Kia dealership that's pretty good. Super King market that's in walking distance either has or will have a restaurant open. You can also drive over to Atwater about 5 minutes away.

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          I would second this rec. This place is quite good. There's also sandwich shop north of your location, across the street from STOCK lumber. Can't recall the name of it. Also Dinah's Fried Chicken is less than 10 minutes away on San Fernando just north of Loz Feliz bl.

          1. re: Briggs

            Me loves the Greek food. Thanks!!

          2. I work at Media Center Drive also! - Not that much food selection around here. If you like Mexican food, there's "Tacos LA Fonda" at 2135 1⁄2 San Fernando Road - Make a right on San Fernando when heading out on Media Center Drive. Also there is a great Salvadorian place named "El Buen Gusto" on Fletcher Dr. We do have a kick ass vending machine here if you can't find anything to eat! ;)