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Jun 26, 2006 05:28 PM

Need preview, need preview, need preview

Ok, the most common requests for enhancements that stand out in my mind are:

- ability to have a list of more than 20 items
- making new replies easier to read in topics
- redirecting the old site url's to their new home
- hot posts

But I don't see much, if any mention, that there REALLY needs to be a preview before you post button.

I write my own posts in word then cut and past. Still, it always looks different on the screen and in the old system I always did a few edits before posting. And I never posted until I tested out any links.

My replies are on the fly, and I used preview A LOT for editing.

With the new software there isn't even the opportunity to see how the post will look on the screen. Post it and the world sees it, warts and all.

Also, I'm considering only reading posts once a day now. Picking out the new replies, as mentioned, needs some spiffing up, but if someone edits what I've already read earlier, I'm never going to catch that.

I really hope this is something in the works.

DISCLAIMER: I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the new software and am amazed by the wonderful job the team did. This would just make life easier for me.

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  1. I love lots of things on the new software. But we do need the preview. I, for one, type faster than I can spell. I don't like the world seeing my strange words.

    1. I totally agree. I do not like the idea of editing my posts with the whole world looking on *at all*. The old system of "preview before posting" was very nice. Can we please bring that back?


      1. If "preview" is not possible, then perhaps having the entry field expand as we're typing the posts so that the entire text can be viewed before hitting the "post" button.

        1. Ditto, ditto, ditto. Of all the requested changes and improvements, I would put preview at #1. I make a billion errors when I type, and I don't notice them until I've previewed my post at least three times.

          And ditto also on rworange's summary of other important changes. Me, I would put "more than 20 posts per page" at priority #2.

          Courage, chowhound development team - 'tis a noble, noble thing you do!


          1. Having I just spent five minutes looking for the new post in the middle of a 100-plus-post topic, I think higher visibility for new posts should be the #1 priority.