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Jun 26, 2006 05:16 PM

Shabu Shabu

I was visiting friends in So. Cal a couple of weeks ago. We went to dinner at a Shabu restaurant. It was fun, delicious, healthy and very filling. If anyone knows of a GOOD Shabu restauarant in the Bay Area please let me know. Thanks a bunch :-)

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  1. Couple places i like to go to for shabu shabu:

    Shabuway (
    )Mountain View: 180 Castro St. Mountain View, CA 94041
    San Mateo: 145 E. Third Ave. San Mateo, CA 94401

    they have kobe beef shabu shabu along with the customary veggies. you can also ask for lean as well for those who are health-conscious.

    Cafe Mums in San Francisco
    1800 sutter street (connected to the miyako hotel)
    an all you can eat (and all you can drink beer/sake for an additional fee)
    great for groups. but reservations are recommended on weekend nights.

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      I third Shabuway. The owner is young, friendly, and very much into quality control. The sesame seed sauce is richer in flavor than most places and once you throw in that spoonful of garlic, it's heavenly. My only *beef* is that sometimes the cuts come out really fatty (>50%) but they'll replace it if you ask.

    2. I have to second the recommendation for ShabuWay. I've been to both locations and the food is excellent. Lunch is an extremely good value; dinner isn't cheap but not completely uncalled for. Not all you can eat but I've never left there hungry.

      From a home cooking PoV, if you have a hot-pot at home, a dinner for two at Shabuway could buy enough comprable meat & veg at Nijiya or Mitsuwa to serve 6 for shabu-shabu at home.

      1. I go almost once a week to Shabu-Sen in Japantown in San Francisco. I like it quite a bit - you can get Shabu Shabu or sukiyaki. The shabu shabu vegetable sides are lots of pieces of cabbage, shiitake mushrooms, carrots, green onions, tofu cubes, a small bunch of thin clear noodles and a small bunch of udon noodles. The sauces are a ponzu and a peanut sauce.

        There's also a more Korean-flavored shabu shabu place on Fillmore below Geary. The soy based dipping sauce defnitely has a more Korean flavor. I liked it, but somehow always find myself going back to Shabu Sen.

        1. In SF, I've gone to Mum's, Shabu Sen, and Happy Shabu. I like Shabue Sen the best.

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          1. re: vliang

            Happy Shabu Shabu

            Shabu Shabu
            1375 9th Avenue, San Francisco 94122

            Mum's Home of Shabu Shabu
            Hotel Tomo, 1800 Sutter Street, San Francisco 94102

            1726 Buchanan Street, San Francisco, 94115

            Watami Shabu Shabu and Ramen
            5344 Geary Blvd, San Francisco, CA 94121

          2. I know a really really good one. It's in berkeley. 1919 Addison. Its called Zabu Zabu. They have the best Shabu Shabu ever!!!! You could also have Shabu with appetizers or Shabu with sushi al you can eat. depends on what combination you prefer. Worth every dollar!! Check out the site. Another good one is on 16th and geary st.

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            1. re: blackrosedragon

              Watami Shabu Shabu & Ramen Bistro
              5344 Geary Blvd
              (between 17th Ave & 18th Ave)
              San Francisco, CA 94121
              (415) 876-0808

              I drive by this often and have wondered about it? The homemade ramen might be worth a lunch stop.