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great pizza on UWS

great pizza ?

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      I second Rigoletto. The fact that it's a block away from my apartment helps, but it is fine pizza

      1. re: Marine Engineer

        Rigoletto is good, not light, not heavy, and has a good variety.

    2. The best that I've found is at Bettola, on Amsterdam between 79th and 80th. It's classic thin-crust woodburning stove Italian (I love the pizza with smoked mozarella and sausage) but I can't pry a friend away from the prosciutto.

      For a slice, I like Sal & Carmine's on Broadway in the low 100s.

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      1. not sure if you have any geographic limitations but:

        serviceable slices - freddie and peppers, big nicks, t&r, rigoletto - and yes, further uptown agree w/ sal & carmines.

        pies - v&t further uptown is good but gets mixed response here..the brick oven options at celeste or bettola..and there's always patsys if you're into that.

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        1. re: harrison

          Personally I prefer Bettola over celeste, but if you find bettola's pizza too light, celeste's version is considerably heftier.

        2. Rigoletto. Best pizza on the Upper West.

          1. Rigoletto is good. There is a small place on the side street of either 68th or 69th between broadway and columbus...not sure exactly the name, because I don't think there is one out front! Excellent pizza too and has dedicated followers. Otherwise, west side is pretty lame for pizza.

            1. Sal and Carmines (102/Broadway) when on, is the best slice in Manhattan. # out of every 4 times it is literaly a slice of heaven.

              1. What happened to Vinnie's on Amsterdam between 73rd and 74th?

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                  Vinnie's is actually great-I forgot about them. I used to live around the corner. However sometimes they forget to either put salt in pizza or use unsalted mozzerella. it's happened several times. But it's worth a trip to find out. I also agree with Sal and Carmines.

                  1. re: amyleechen

                    Vinnie's is gone, closed several weeks ago.....building's "upgrading" its retail tenants

                    1. re: Ben

                      I used to live around the corner, too. I passed by a few days ago and noticed Vinnie's was gone along with the deli next to it. So the building is "upgrading" its tenants (is that the same as "raising the rent sky high")? Is that why the P&G is also going out?

                  2. Try Garlic Bobs on Columbus and 84th.
                    I was pleasently surprised the last time I had a slice. Yum

                    1. Vinny's is closed thankfully. It used to be good years ago but it had gone way downhill before closing a few months ago.

                      1. My favorite is Nick and Toni's Cafe on 67th St. bet. B'way & Columbus. Great pizza. Only real "whole-woodburning" stove on UWS, not like others, mostly gas heated and few pieces of wood as decotation.

                        1. Ray's 82nd and Columbus a classic slice and one of my favorites--not the best (and I was in there last night and they are now doing gimmicky things like taco pizza), but certainly the best on UWS, I like it better than Rigoletto.

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                            Thanks for the rec. Rays last night was a CLASSIC NYC slice. (Reminded my of my childhood.) I like the new slices out there (DeMarco's and other fresh mozz, etc.) the coal oven restaurants, and this new square pizza craze ("Grandma slice"). But Ray's on Columbus was classic. A little chewy. Not too much garlic.