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Jun 26, 2006 05:02 PM

S'MAC finally opened on Saturday!!

Hey - did anyone go to S'MAC this weekend? We went on Saturday and loved it!! We tried the brie and goat cheese mac and cheese, and thought they were both amazing. So glad they finally opened!

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  1. i'm sure the answer is no, but -- any chance they have a soy cheese option?
    i'm sorry, had to ask... :)

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    1. re: mnk

      I'm pretty sure they do. Check on menupages, the menu's posted.

    2. are they open for lunch?

      1. While I applaud S'mac for their ingenius concept and cute interior design scheme, I was beyond disappointed with the actual mac. I waited for an hour Saturday afternoon to actually get the food, but was so excited I did not even care. I love mac n cheese, this was going to be great! Sure they forgot the bread crumbs on mine but they happily fixed that. So there I was finally, all set with my 'Major Munch' of all-american with a hot dog thrown in there for kicks sitting in front of me. Steam came up through the cracks of the breadcrumbs and noodles, and the iron skillet was warm to the touch. I was psyched for what had to be a delicious experience. wasn't. The mac had no taste...the only real cheese sauce on it was what was mixed in with the breadcrumbs. Yea the hotdog was good but how hard is it to screw up a hotdog. If you are going to open up an mac n cheese specialty store, then make sure your mac n cheese is the best around. I've had way better out of a box.

        1. i went on sunday and there was a 30 min wait on line. hopefully, the lines will start to shorten as the hype slows.

          btwn 3 people we had ( :
          - gruyere: was the best of the bunch.
          - cajun: pretty good but the spices could have been a bit punchier. and by the time it got to me there were no more sausage :(
          - manchego: too much fennel and not enough manchego!