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Jun 26, 2006 04:35 PM

Seeking something "fresh"

So I've had a glut of heavy foods over the last week or so. As a result, I'm looking for something really "refreshing" in terms of taste and texture - almost "cleansing" in a sense. I thought about Thai, which uses lots of fresh ingredients, but I'm not in the mood for something that contains MSG. I had sushi last night and I'm not really looking to do it again tonight. I also thought about Live, the raw food restaurant, but it's closed on Mondays. Can you think of anything else that might suit my craving? I'm not picky as to the "type" of cuisine it is, so long as it's "refreshing". Price is not an issue. Downtown is preferred.

Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!

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  1. What about the restaurant 'Fresh'.. on Spadina south of Queen. It's vegetarian, with lots of great salads and other fresh foods (love their yam fries...). Or the Lettuce Eatery? Salad bar at the Kitchen Table? Cleansing juice from Booster Juice?

    1. Thanks for the ideas, thenurse. I've been studying Fresh and Fressen's menus to see if anything jumps out at me... nothing yet, but I'm sure as dinner hour approaches and I get hungrier, I'll be more decisive. I didn't think about Lettuce Eatery though... do you know if it is open for dinner?

      1. I know that feeling. For me, "fresh" means raw more than cooked and definitely veggies with other clean flavours (citrus, etc.). We were at Terroni the other night and had a couple of salads (with the freshest of ingredients) and split an order of ravioli (probably heavier than what you want but it was stuffed with spinach and ricotta and topped with fava beans, cherry tomatoes and bit of olive oil and parmesan) - it was all very "fresh" and delicious. Or you could check out Tabule for their halumi salad and maybe some grilled shrimp. Otherwise, my first thought was Thai or Vietnamese - papaya or mango salad, some fresh spring/salad rolls, maybe a satay or two - Linda's, Coco Rice, Vanipha, Saigon Sister. In my experience, these dishes don't typically have msg or at least not enough for me to notice. Good luck!

        1. This may be a bit late for your needs, but what about some Thai or Vietnamese cold rolls? Fresh lettuce, cilantro and other veggies wrapped in a thin rice noodle skin, sometimes with shrimp or chicken. I always find these a great refreshing meal on a hot day.