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Jun 26, 2006 04:19 PM

Great Chow near Fulton Mall/LIU?

I am starting a degree at LIU this week and I am wondering if there are any great places to eat around here. At first glance, it doesn't look like there's much - any cuisine, any variety, but cheap chow is best as I'm a student now!

Any suggestions?

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  1. Hey.Try Coalpot on Bridge Street between Fulton and Willoughby. They have some amazing Jerk Chicken.

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    1. re: wade125

      I respectfully disagree. Coal Pot is pretty mediocre. Justin's on Lawrence Street has better West Indian food.

      Also, to the original poster, don't forget Junior's!

    2. If you're on the LIU campus at Flatbush Ave, go the other way on Fulton or Lafayette into Ft. Greene. Lots of posts have been made on the board. Not exceptionally cheap but reasonably well priced is Mo Bay; lots of mid-week pre-fixe dinners at good restaurants as well.

      1. If you walk down Dekalb towards Fort Greene Park you'll find numerous good restaurants. Chez Oskar has really good burgers. Lulu has good, comforting french food. Rice opened up there. There's a coffee shop, Tillies and around the corner is small french grocery that has some well priced and very delicious food, and very friendly service.

        1. Ruthie's (soul food) and Pipitone's (Pizza) on dekalb near Brooklyn Hospital. A friend says that the Golden Krust patty place on flatbuth has good cooked food - I havent tried that but their patties are not so good IMO.

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            I used to stop by Ruthie's when I used the studio at Urban Glass, but I'd heard she moved. Is she still on DeKalb serving up some tasty catfish po' boys?

            1. re: Greg

              they are still there at 96 DeKalb

          2. There's a good place for West Indian food: rotis, etc. on Lawrence St. near MetroTech.

            Guyanese and Trinidad Roti Shop/ Justin’s Island Cuisine Restaurant 144 Lawrence St. bet. Fulton and Willoughby streets

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            1. re: Adam Holland

              I second Justin's. Not the best Trini in the city, but still decent. Phalourie/doubles are pretty weak, but rotis are tasty, especially with pepper sauce.