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Jun 26, 2006 04:12 PM

Quesada Mexican Grill Review (Longish)

Last week I finally stopped by the new Quesada Mexican Grill outlet at Church and King St. Apparently they have other locations, but I've never visited them. Like Burrito Boys and Big Fat Burrito, Quesada has jumped on the recent take-out burrito bandwagon that seems to be taking Toronto by storm.

The first difference I noticed from the abovementioned competitors is that the meat is not grilled in front of you, but rather pre-cooked and stored in metal warmer bins. Thankfully the beef in my burrito was nice: decently cooked strips of steak, no fat or gristle, and just slightly pink in the middle.

In addition to the meat and a basic scoop of rice, they gave me a choice between several kinds of beans and salsas. I also had them add some cheese (type unspecified) and lettuce. Guacamole was also available at extra cost, but since my burrito already looked pretty packed I passed on that addition.

Once all the ingredients were loaded in, they wrapped it in foil and heated it for a few seconds in a toaster press. My small sized burrito with a can of ginger ale came to just under $7.00. The size was enough for me for lunch, but if you are a huge eater you'll probably want to go with the large size. Service was fairly friendly though a little indifferent, and the server didn't offer much help even when it was clear from the questions I was asking that I wasn't familiar with their toppings.

The good news was that the burrito tasted good, with a nice texture, and all the ingredients seemed fresh. The biggest downside was that the meat was not particularly hot, probably because it was already cooked and then had cold ingredients added to it. The warming process really only crisped the outer shell of the burrito and didn't heat any of the ingredients inside.

Bottom line: reasonably enjoyable, somewhat pricey, but I'll give it another go. In terms of comparison, I'd rank Quesada above Burrito Boys (their quality has been dropping badly over the past few months) but behind Big Fat Burrito, the leader of the pack in my opinion.


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  1. Choosing the best burrito in Toronto is really a choice between lesser evils. Toronto burritos all kinda suck.

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    1. re: Super Nintendo Chalmers

      Though I've enjoyed some burritos from the Boyz as well as Big Fat Burrito, I also feel the pinch. They just don't seem to compare to the amazing creations I've had in the Mission district of San Francisco.

      1. re: Super Nintendo Chalmers

        I agree... Toronto is not exactly a hotbed of Mexican food. But since we're here, I thought I'd review what we've got, for what it is.

        1. re: Gary

          Absolutely. Always on the lookout for the one that gets it right!

      2. Absolutely I agree with SuperNintendoChalmers. Nothing will compare with what I remember from San Francisco. You'd think it would be not so hard to replicate fresh food, prepared and served by people who give a hoot.

        What you describe sounds so typical food...from the lack of flavour to the less than ideal temperature to the indifferent service (I got the same when I checked out Quesada on Wellington.) I will try Big Fat Burrito.