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Frozen Yogurt at Bloomingdales

I work across the street... I hear this Fro Yo is pretty awesome. Any thoughts? Can I get it takeout? What restaurant is it from?

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  1. The Plain frozen yogurt tastes exactly like plain yogurt, not vanilla. So it is tart and delicious! Their coffee is amazing too. You can get it takeout at 40 Carrots on the lower level of Bloomie's.

    1. on the basement level of bloomingdale's there's 40 carrots which is take out & right next to it is a small restaurant w/ the same food just sit-down. the sampler salad plate of egg, tuna & chicken salad is great too.

      1. I love the fro yo at Bloomies! I've known about it for years and keep going back for their plain and coffee swirl! you can also get it with toppings like fruit, melba sauce, wheat germ, granola, etc. 40 carrots is also a great healthy lunch spot!

        1. My fave is with granola - soooo gooooooood!!! It's so hard to find anywhere else - bloomies soho has it and also cafe lalo on the UWS. I wish they would have it in the grocery stores.

          1. It's available at Sedutto on 1st ave and 78 street in Manhattan

            1. I have recently become addicted to bloomingales frozen yogurt-- i love the plain and the coffee.
              Is the yogurt healthy? I only ask because somedays i have it for lunch and I am tying to get in shape. Everytime i ask to see the nutrition info they can never find it.
              The tuna salad is also really good.

              1. what about the bloomies in soho?

                1. they have it as well.... second floor towards the front

                  1. is this yogurt healthy?

                    1. I recall if you get the plain, small yogurt it is about 150 (or so) calories and not over 20 carbs or pretty low on sugars, so not that bad.

                      I remember not feeling guilty eating it.