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Jun 26, 2006 03:35 PM


My wife and I have recently tried Wendy's a couple of times and I just wanted to make a post saying I appreciate the refreshing change of pace from the fried food at McDonald's. Yes I know you can't expect a chain to be the same as a more upscale restaurant (although we love In-N-Out) but for the price and what is offered, I want to commend Wendy's for providing a nice alternative. The frecata sandwiches are nicely put together, the baked potatoes are of a decent size and are cooked properly, and the salads are much fresher than what we've experienced at McD (my wife orders the salad and invariably at Mc D there are several pieces of browing lettuce). It is nice to have so many side course choices with the meal (fries, chili, baked potato, yogurt, etc.) and the price is reasonable - $5.00. It's a little bit more than McDonalds pricewise but well worth it. The only drawback is having to drive further to get to one since there are far less of them scattered around.

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  1. It's funny I've been waiting for a Wendy's thread to come up to rant a little. Ever since Dave passed away and the new management took over the Wendy's located in Southern California have consistently gone downhill. I find the burgers to be soggy and cold, service takes forever, fries are cold and the chili has no meat in it. My favorites used to be the iced tea (real liptons brewed), the chili, fries and a single with extra pickles. The pickles also have that weird soap-like taste that the Jack n the Box pickles have now. What is that?

    1. I just ate at Wendy's today for $2.19: a chicken sandwich and a baked potato and sour cream. Can't beat the price and the food is not as disgusting as McD's. The chicken had more real chicken pieces. lol.

      1. I eat Wendy's almost daily for lunch. 99 cents gets me a bowl of chili, and it's always hot. If I feel like really treating myself, I'll add another 99 cents for a small frosty as well.

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        1. If you get the 99 cent chili and a plain baked potato, it's more than enough to dump the chili on the potato and have a yummy lunch for not a lot of dough.

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            You're so right, Suzy! I do that all the time; I can't figure out why they haven't figured out that $1.98 for chili and baked potato is less than the $2.39 they charge for the chili-stuffed baked potato (and you get more chili that way as well!).

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              KB, shhhhh...we don't want them to figure that out so that I can still enjoy my wonderfully inexpensive meal.

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                My bad! I'll keep my mouth shut from now on!

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                  Just don't take the getting it cheaper attitude to Starbucks. Even though they set themselves up for it and it's perfectly on the up and up, people have gotten offended by the practice there, apparently. See the recent thread on the subject. Pay full price, or don't go seems to be the prevailing attitude.

        2. If I have to stop for lunch with my picky preschooler, we often go to Wendy's because I can get him yogurt, mandarin oranges and milk. A baked potato for me and I don't feel like we ate too horribly for lunch.

          1. Prior to trying Wendy's earlier this month, I hadn't eaten at one for at least 10-15 years so I can't compare the food now versus when Dave was still around. All I know is the couple times we've gone this month, we got a nice sandwich, a hot and good-sized baked potato and a fresh salad for about the same as we would pay at McDonald's for fried stuff with a salad on the verge of going bad. As some other poster said, the food is not disgusting as McD's (although I can eat McD french fries anytime). I feel it is a refreshing change.