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Jun 26, 2006 03:31 PM

Del Merie Grille

Had another great meal at the Del Merie Grille in Alexandria's Del Ray neighborhood Saturday night. I was sad to see that at 8:00 on a Saturday night, this wonderful little neighborhood restaurant was more than half empty. So, I wanted to post and remind everyone that this little gem is there. If you've not checked it out yet - try it soon!

We started with the fantastic frickles! The super thin dill pickles that are battered and fried and served with a tangy dip. I had their house salad with the basil vinagerette - which was too heavy on the vinegar. My husband had the crabcakes with the creamed spinach and the cheese grits and devoured it. I had the flank steak with their homemade BBQ sauce and the smashed potatoes with bacon. YUM. For dessert, we shared their version of bananas foster - which was fantastic. Neither of us drank (we'd been out the night before with friends and had had plenty) and our bill was $70.00. YOu can't beat that for the quality meal we had.

So, check out Del Merie - we need to keep locally owned places like this going!

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  1. Agreed, Del Merei is a nice neighborhood place. I wish they served brunch - I bet they would do a great one, and other brunches along Mt. Vernon can get packed.

    1. I agree - brunch would be awesome! I want to try lunch there sometime soon as well. Has anyone tried their sloppy joe sandwich?

      1. They used to have brunch along with the most amazing burgers. Unfortunately they stopped after a few short months. I'd love to see them bring it back though!