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Jun 26, 2006 02:40 PM

Buying bags of ice

I've become dependent on the ice you have to buy! I feel a little guilty every time I do it. One day my regular source was out of ice, and I drove around until I found a convenience store that sold it. I have plenty of ice cube trays, but the ice I buy just tastes better. It even tastes better the the cubes from daughter's ice maker fridge. The only problem is that there's always a big chunk of frozen cubes in the bag. I solve that by bashing the bag on the sidewalk before I put it into my freezer. I hope I'm not alone in being such a pill about ice!

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  1. Everyone I know buys ice at some point. You have a party, you buy several bags of ice. What's wrong with that? People buy bottled water all the time.

    1. The funniest thing about purchasing ice is the slogan one brand puts on the bag and their trucks: "Packaged ice is a food!"

      Thank you.

      1. I think it's because they come in chip shapes, and I swear they manage to get some air into them as well. Homemade ice is too solid.

        Perhaps there needs to be a home cooking post about making chipped ice.

        1. I have to agree that for flavor, bagged ice beats home-frozen tap water every time. Even if they start with the same tap water, their method of freezing from the inside out (hence the cylindrical shape) seems to keep the impurities out, while freezing the same water in an ice cube tray freezes them into a cloud in the middle of the cube.

          Bashing on the sidewalk is also my favorite method of separation when there has been some melting and refreezing in the bag. I do try to pick the loosest cubes in the store's freezer, though.

          1. Don't feel bad. My husband and I buy all our ice too. In fact, it's always a sad day at our house when we get home from a long day at work and realize we're out of ice and have to do a "paper, rock, scissors" to decide who has to go back out to buy a bag of ice!

            We also do the slamming the bag on the kitchen floor to break it up. Once the bag is open in the freezer, we also use a steel meat pounder as a hammer from outside the bag to break up the big chunks of ice.

            If only I could find a source where I could buy a bag of pellet ice. If you're from the south, you know what I'm talking about. We used to call it rabbit poop ice when I was a kid - it's the same shape as little rabbit turds. And, is the perfect crushed ice texture to just melt in your mouth.

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              hahahah - So glad to know we aren't the only couple doing rock paper scissors to figure out who does a chore.

              To the OP - what about trying ice cubes made from filtered water (like Brita)?

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                Union ice in Van Nuys sells the pellet ice as well as cubes and crushed.