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Jun 26, 2006 02:16 PM

Tony Luke and Me

So I am checking out this new format and I just had to know how it worked and I had to put up a post just because. And I was going to make something up to post, like that I had breakfast at La Croix, lunch at Amada and then dinner at Barclay Prime with a follow upo DiNic's roast pork sandwich the next day for breafkast after dim sum at lakeside.

But alas, I cannot tell a lie - and I can even one up the list above.

If you are ever looking to bring a little philadelphia love into your home, Tony Luke style, they do a super job of selling you vacuum-packed sliced pork, monster bags (yes, bags) of the pork juice, broccoli rabe and also some fresh shredded sharp provolone and voila, you've got a party! And, the rolls freshly made that morning by Carangi's at 12th and Oregan were deeeeelicious (an order i placed separately and directly with carangi's). So, here's my vote to order Tony Luke's roast pork (call the shop on Oregon - they'll give you the catering #) any time you've got some people coming over for a party. Or, you just feel perfectly gluttonous.

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  1. About how many sandwiches will a bag make? And to clarify, everything you need is sealed together in the same bag?

    1. one bag is about 5 or 6 lbs - so that would make about 20 to 25 quarter lb sandwiches - we had smaller hoagie rolls, about 4", so people could eat more than one, when they wanted.

      the juice comes in another bag. the rabe in another. and the prov in another. AND there was a a bag of HOT (spicy) juice too - i am not sure if that is protocol when picking up a big order or not since I wasn't the one who picked it up, but man that stuff was hot - i had that on the oven for anyone who inquired. otherwise, you heat up the regular juice until jsut before boiling and add the room temp pork - it specifically says don't cook the pork in the juice and don't boil it - both very good tips. I heated the juice on the stove, placed in an aluminum chafing dish and added the pork when ready.

      and, not for nothing, some of the leftovers will be turned into tacos/enchiladas tomorrow night (i just cannot eat another pork and rabe sandwich).