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Jun 25, 2006 05:15 PM

Don't like the way board indexes list posts

On a completely non-chow related note (so it may get pulled and that's fine) this new set up where replied to stuff goes to the top and new stuff that wasn't replied to gets shuttled down to the bottom, must say i really don't like that, i keep seeing the same threads over and over again that i've seen a million times.

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  1. Good news for you, mainja!

    At the bottom of every topics list, there is the following text:

    View by: Latest Reply | Date Started

    Wherein either "Latest Reply" or "Date Started" is highlighted -- and therefore selected -- as the user preferred view.

    You are viewing the topic list using the "Latest Reply" method of grouping. To change back to the previous format, simply click on "Date Started" and everything will be back to normal.

    I hope this helps!

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    1. re: David Ford

      But what is also needed is the same choice within each topic/thread.

    2. Within topics, posts are ordered exactly as they were on the old site.

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      1. re: Robert Lauriston

        Right, but on the old site you had the option of just reading the new posts. Now, you have to wade through the whole thread to sift out the new posts.

        That's what I came to Site Talk to complain about. I actually find myself reading fewer topics, because I think "do I really want to wade through all the stuff I've already read just because someone may have added something interesting?" I'm finding that the answer is increasingly "no."

        On the old board I could see at a glance how many posts had been added, who had added them, and, if it was a thread with multiple branches, what part of the discussion they were replying to. Then I could choose to read only the specific responses I was interested in. In particular, this new format may drive me away from the general topics board entirely, because it tends to generate long threads with multiple branches, many of which have devolved into stuff I'm not interested in but on the new board won't be able to avoid.

        It's nice to be able to read the whole thread with one click if you haven't already read any of it, but if you have, it's just deadly dull and a waste of time. Since new posts can be added to an existing thread indefinitely, it's not only possible but likely that you'll have threads with dozens of old posts you have to sift through to find the one new one. And since new replies bump the thread to the top, when I pull up the board I also have to scroll through the "threads I'm not interested in but have new posts" to see if there are any completely new topics that have been pushed down the board -- with only 20 topics per page, on a busy board like the SF board even if I check in every few hours there may be new-to-me threads that have been pushed off the first page on the second or even third page.[edited to say that I "fixed" this by changing the view to the "date started" version -- was that there before? And is there really a 15-minute editing deadline? 'cause I'm editing this way more than 15 minutes after I first posted it]

        I've been on other boards that have the same thread-bumping feature, but they don't have nearly the volume of new threads that the more high-traffic chowhound boards do. I think that feature is more suited to boards with a high volume of replies to a smaller number of topics than to boards that generate lots of individual threads.

        And given the large number of topics added every day, the 20 topics per page format is frankly ludicrous.

        1. re: Ruth Lafler


          You've identified my biggest problem with the software, too. I'm hoping I can convert you to the dark side. Wouldn't the ideal to not even see replies that you've already seen? I just spent a LONG time just trying to find and real all the new replies on the long "Things I Hate..." thread on Site Talk. It would be so much better to have as an option the ability to only see the replies that have been posted since you last visited that board. Then if a reply is confusing, you can toggle and see the entire thread.

          I think this new software, as it is currently designed, is better suited for casual users than heavy users for this reason.

          1. re: Dave Feldman

            I don't know what converting to the dark side would entail, but I agree with your concluding statement completely.

            1. re: Ruth Lafler

              The yellow background for new posts is a huge help, although I'd still lobby for the value of the "don't see old replies if you don't want to" option.

          2. re: Ruth Lafler


            You've had time to actually get to the General Board? Man, I haven't caught up on the San Francisco board yet.

            I almost want to aplaud the someone who is the 106th poster on the 'things I don't like about the site' thread. I mean how many people are REALLY going to read all of that. It is sort of like being crazy and talking to yourself on the street. Sure you get to vent, but how many people are listenting?

            I do have a little trick I've developed for posting to a long thread and probably have someone actually read what I said. However I'm just not that generous to share it with the community. It's like the secret parking space near Epicurious Garden or Coco500. I'm just not that nice. It's mine, all mine.

          3. re: Robert Lauriston

            Seems to me it is the reverse.
            Used to be the latest reply to a topic was top, now it goes to the bottom.

          4. I think they need to get the "NEW" badge workin' right. Maybe it needs to :
            1. Tell me when a thread is new since the last time I looked.
            2. Tell me when a thread I have already looked at has a new post since the last time I looked.
            3. Tell me which post is new.

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              1. re: yayadave

                That's exactly what it does now.

                The main problem is that the new posts in thread view don't jump out enough.