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best breakfast in brooklyn?

I'm going to have to go with Clark's in Bheights.

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  1. hmmm...don't know about that place, but I really like Dizzy's brunch in the slope.

    1. I had a wonderful brunch at chestnut yesterday. The homemade scones, biscuits, and popovers they bring out are amazingly tasty. And I really enjoyed the poached eggs with mushrooms. Others I was with had Huevos Rancheros (different take on the dish but was tasty), oatmeal pancakes (VERY good), and crepes with salmon. I think they only do brunch on sundays though.

      1. You said breakfast not brunch correct?
        I dream about the home fries at Pegasus on 3rd Ave between 86th and 87th sts... Fresh OJ, etc...

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        1. My favorite breakfast/brunch spot, 2nd Street Cafe. I love their fruit pancakes.

          1. I rather like Downtown Atlantic for brunch. Good biscuits and gravy, eggs, etc.

            1. CLARK CORNER on the cornewr of Clark and Henry Streets on Brooklyn Heights serves an excellent breakfast at very reasonable prices.

              The eggs are fresh, the home fries crispy and delicious. The conrned beef hash, omelets, pancakes and waffles are all good.

              Service is pleasant and friendly.

              1. I know it's not breakfast food but Clarks has an unreal patty melt.

                1. I've enjoyed the breakfast served at Comfortzone on Fifth Ave. between 1st and 2nd.
                  They have "Turkish," "German" and "French" breakfasts, with the appropriate bread or croissant, tea, fruit, cheese, etc. Unfortunately, they open at 11 AM, so this qualifies as a breakfast only for late risers. Very nice ambience, comfortable sitting room and outdoor terrace. Agreeable service. TVs (for World Cup viewing, if the Loki scene is too busy for you).

                  1. Just a bit more on Comfortzone: The tea is fresh brewed, served in large pot. Everything is prepared to order (ie, there can be a wait of about fifteen minutes after you order.

                    1. Miriam's on 7th has a good Israeli brunch and really cheap at that too. I also concur that Dizzy's is awesome, although be prepared for a long line. Also Bogota and Beso have great Latin brunches. Oh, and who can forget Superfine! Lots of great options here in Brooklyn.

                      1. Egg, in the same space as Sparky's in Williamsburgh, 35 N 5th St
                        just off Bedford is THE PLACE for breakfast. Open 7 days, they have fabulous country ham biscuits, grits, fresh OJ, great coffee and tea, and a wonderful, welcoming mellow atmosphere. Don't go anywhere else. This is the spot.

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                          Went there this AM. Totaly agree with all DKH has to say. Try the Rothko eg = kind of toad in the hole made with brioche and have anything that comes with country ham YUM

                        2. Allow me to 2nd Egg. It is my humble opinion that New York tends to be a very, very weak breakfast town, but Egg is the real deal. But I haven't been to Clark's yet, and I live pretty close by, so I'll check it out.

                          1. for the park slope area the best breakfasts i've had typically are at dizzy's. stone park cafe was also quite good and 2nd street cafe is solid as well but i think i prefer dizzy's because the breakfast menu is most extensive there and i really love their complimentary muffin basket arrangement.

                            1. I am so surprised I don't see a posting for Tom's Restaurant in prospect Heights here! WTF? Tom's puts Dizzy's to shame. Dizzy's has way to many spoiled brats running around to make it worth the while (unless of course you are a parent of a spoiled brat, who will protest this posting). Of course, eggs are eggs are eggs are eggs. I like The Usual on Vanderbilt for eggs.

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                                Seconding the Tom's recommendation - I love the place. Gus is a treasure, the staff is lovely, the food is served quickly and their pancakes are awesome. Closed Sundays, but that's really a minor quibble.

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                                  I had breakfast at Tom's yesterday, and I have to say that despite the most wonderful, warm service and atmosphere, the food wasn't made with any care. My egg sandwich was dry, the turkey sausage way overcooked...I sampled my friend's corned beef hash and it was yucky, and I'm not usually disgusted by anything. I only wish they would put more effort into the kitchen sometimes--but I'm the type who'd rather eat great food served with a sneer than merely OK food served with a smile.

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                                    It's an ambience place, but I've always gotten good omellets there.

                              2. Try the Corned Beef Hash with eggs at Juniors. Homemade, very different from the canned stuff...shredded and crisp beef, spiced differently. Worth a try.

                                1. Working on an ambulance ive sampled alot of breakfasts in brooklyn, my fave so far is the Windsor restaurant cafe on prospect park west. Great omeletes,coffee, fast and hot! great people there, seems to have a good neighborhood following

                                  1. Teresa's Restaurant
                                    80 Montague St
                                    Brooklyn, NY 11201-3300
                                    Phone: (718) 797-3996

                                    Polish style food - challah french toast, pierogi etc.
                                    Right near Brooklyn Heights promenade -- nice place to stroll after a big breakfast!
                                    Hopefully Teresa's is still there! I haven't been back to Brooklyn Heights in a few years!

                                    1. Another vote for EGG! We took the trip out from Manhattan today and rate it as one of our best breakfast experiences anywhere. We LOVE to find unique breakfast spots nationwide, and this is one of the best.

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                                      1. 7th Avenue Donuts. You can't beat their eggs with fresh off the bone Virginia ham and grits.

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                                          Hope and Anchor in Red Hook (near the Fairway) rules.

                                        2. I wanna update my earlier post... I recently had a delicious breakfast at Egg in Williamsburg, likely the best breakfast I've had in the Slope. Thumbs up! In my opinion it pretty much blows away every breakfast in the Park Slope area. The only thing I can think of that holds a candle to Egg is the french toast at Cocotte.

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                                            whoops i meant to say "likely the best breakfast i've had in the borough."

                                          2. Egg, Egg, Egg. I went there because of this thread, with a vegetarian, a carnivore, a grits-lover and a grits-hater, and we were all delighted. The wait can be long, and the temperature in the place went back and forth from frighteningly cold to blazing hot several times, but it was worth it. And cheap.

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                                            1. re: chowbeth

                                              Another vote for Egg. The country ham biscuit is transcendent, and everything is so delightfully cheap.

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                                                I agree - EGG is worth checking out, but I probably wouldn't go out of my way next time. I'm a southern girl who knows her buttermilk biscuits, and while they were fantastic, nothing to write home about. The atmosphere was nice and low-key, the bill was fair, and the staff was more than pleasant - don't be afraid to go write your name on the white sheet, wait outside, and check out the neighborhood vibe. Oh - and upgrade your grits to cheese grits.

                                            2. It's a trek to get to Red Hook, but bfast/brunch at Hope & Anchor is worth it. Affordable, and they have a special brunch menu each week. The atmosphere is great, coffee is great. We come all the way from Northern Queens when we want a good Brooklyn breakfast!

                                              1. I also enjoyed Egg immensely when my daughter took me there. But I'm surprised nobody has mentioned Brooklyn Label, where we also had a great breakfast. It was on a weekday, and IIRC my breaksfast was built around some home-made sausage, but I understand the have even more spectacular offerings on weekends. It was a warm summer day, and the outdoor seating was also an enhancement for me, from foggy San Francisco.

                                                1. Someone on this board recommended the Boerum hill Food Comapny which was a great call. Fresh, solid great breakfast place

                                                    1. For a good bagel and lox in South Slope, I head to Bagel Factory on 5th Ave and 17th St. The bagels are made in-house daily and are perfectly chewy on the inside and have a golden crust on the exterior. The sandwich comes with a generous smear of cream cheese, a generous portion of lox, slices of tomatoes, sweet red onions and a sprinkling of capers. It's quite simple, but Bagel Factory does it "right." That's my idea of the perfect breakfast.