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Jun 26, 2006 10:08 AM

HELP!! huntington beach area recs any ethnic <30 per

dinner in the huntington beach area tommorow. need recommendations for a good place to eat. don't mind buffet or a nice classy place with good food. 30 per person max. will take any type of cuisine. thanks

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  1. How about Park Avenue Dining?

    Tuesdays are Wine Lover's Night--All bottles are half-price.

    It's in Stanton, a straight shot north on Beach Blvd. Not quite HB, but close enough.

      1. For Italian Mangia Mangia off Warner is good if you are staying in HB...but if you are open to Sunset Beach, just head up PCH to Roman Cucina and order the sausage mozzerella pasta with penne. Yum! Prices are very good, nice ambience, beautiful patio, and Monday is Martini night - special prices on all martinis, woohoo!

        Mario's at Beach and Main is good for sit down Mexican.

        Duke's on the pier has a great view and pretty tasty fish tacos. Drinks can get a little expensive.

        For casual, tasty food I like HB Beer Company upstairs on Main St - pizza's, burger's etc, I looove their tuna chop salad with spicy rice vinaigrette.

        Good luck and enjoy!

        1. Bukhara, for Indian, on Edinger, between Gothard & Beach (across from Bella Terra). Excellent food, and warm, efficient service.

          Rombi's for Italian, on Warner & Gothard, in a strip mall on the NE corner.

          There's another relatively new Italian place, the name of which escapes me, in the shopping center behind Bukhara. It's a door or two from the Weight Watcher's office (side of guilt with your pasta, anyone?). Also very good.

          (CynD, formerly LBQT)

          1. Silk Thai on Beach Blvd. is excellent.