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Jun 26, 2006 07:22 AM

Can't reply to replies

The browser works fine when I post a new topic or respond to an OP. However, when I click on "reply" to respond to a response, only half a box shows up. The bottom half of the box is cut off, as in there's no scroll down bar or "post" button visible.

I tried a few different boards, reloading my browser, clicking "reply" a few times, and nothing changed.

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    1. Can you add information on what browser and OS you're using that experiences this problem. We can't track it down without that, since it's working for most people.

      1. Pei, I think it is just a smaller size box. If you look at the larger reply box , the scroll bar should look the same as the reply to a comment box ... faintly colored.

        Once you reach the end of the box and continue typing, the scroll box highlights. This happens in either reply box. The large one or the smaller one.

        Without posting, put enough in the scroll box to readh the bottom and you will see what I mean. Hope that's it.

        1. i'm having the same problem using windows xp and internet explore 7.0