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Jun 26, 2006 06:49 AM

Email from Chowhound

I keep reading that for confirmation messages, if people don't see them in their inbox, check their junk folder.

I had no problem with registration, but I'm assuming that the chowhound adresses are still, for the most part, the same. I don't want to identify them on the board to avoid spamming.

The reason I ask is that unfortunately today I've been getting new spam that keeps referring to 'the forum'. I can't think of a reason why Chowhound would contact me today, so I just have been deleting them without reading them as there are attachments involved.

Anyway, just to confirm that there aren't any new cryptic email addresses from Chowhound that I should be aware of.

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  1. We would not send any email to any user with a file attachment, TREAT THOSE AS SUSPECT.

    Chowhounds may see more emails coming from "" which is what we will be using for many of our outgoing communications, this is also the email address that can be used to contact us. However, please remember you can also flag problematic posts and drop us a note using the "report this post" link.

    Chowhounds may still periodically receive emails from some of the previously established specific moderators' email accounts.

    1. Thanks. I have never had a problem identifying a post from a moderator so since that continues to be the format great.