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Jun 26, 2006 06:40 AM

Ouch - signing up is painful!

Registering is a very painful process. I kept getting a "password is invalid" message, but there was no information about what would be valid.

The Help section is not at all helpful in this regard. I was unable to find anything about registering at all, not to mention choosing a password.

Turns out that (some? all?) punctuation characters aren't allowed in a password (a MAJOR security faux pas, by the way, as well as a user-interface no-no). If the password requirements are so strict, PLEASE add some hints on the register page on what a valid password would be.

And there's nothing on the first registration page that explains that you aren't registered until you respond to email. Check out a few major sites for their registration pages - places like Amazon, Yahoo, and others - for ideas on how to include enough helpful information to make registration a quick and pleasant process.


P.S. I have no idea if anyone else has already posted information about registration - the 20-posts-a-screen is so restrictive, and my dial-up connection slow enough - that I simply can't look for previous posts. If this limit isn't increased, you're going to see chowhound boards fill up with repetitive, redundant posts every two pages or so, with resulting frustration or lack of interest from the "regulars". PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE bump up the priority for the fix for increasing the number of posts that are displayed per page!

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  1. Don't know that I would characterize it as painful, but I did have the same confusion ... not realizing that I had to go to my email account in order to activate my account prior to logging in.

    1. When I registered, the next page that I saw told me to look for the email. Did you not get that page when you submitted your registration info?

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      1. re: Chris VR

        Same for me.

        Registration took me all of 60 seconds (including the email).

      2. An "invalid password" message should have an explanation of what made it invalid. However, the rest of the process is about as simple as can be:

        - click Sign Up
        - enter username, password, email
        - click Register

        Next page reads:

        Thanks for signing up!

        We just sent you an email that will allow you to activate your account so you can start posting. Check your inbox (be sure to check your junk mail filter just in case, too)!

        1. Now, having gone thru the same pain that Anne did, I can assure those defending the home team that she is not hallucinating and that her comments should not be treated dismissively. Nowhere is it mentioned on the site that punctuation characters are not only verboten in passwords, but also in usernames. And, in fact, the system will gladly accept your punctuated username and even generate a confirmation email -- which will do you absolutely no good at all because you cannot log in. That's what happened to me, and I posted about it once one of the staff responded to my desperate email asking wassup. So registration may or may not be painful -- your mileage may vary.

          1. >> When I registered, the next page that I saw told me to look for the email. Did you not get that page when you submitted your registration info? <<

            Yes, I did, but it was too late.

            I would like a notice on the first page, and here's why. I usually give a fake email address when I register at a web site, to cut down the volume of unsolicited and sales email that I get. (I get a LOT!)

            So I almost lost my "AnneInMpls" name by giving my usual fake email. But, at the last minute, I decided to check by signing up with another temporary name. Sure enough, I would have lost my "real" name if I hadn't checked first.

            Yeah, I realize that most people aren't as "email-averse" as I am, but lots are. Hence the need for some sort of notice on the initial page.

            Better yet, how about some real Help info that clearly explains the registration process?