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Jun 26, 2006 05:29 AM

German Chocolate Cake in NYC?

Any recommendations on the best German Chocolate Cake in NYC?

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    1. re: welle

      I can't vouch for an entire cake, but their German Chocolate cupcake is very good!

      [sorry to say - only because it's not in the city - the best German Chocolate cake I've had recently - maybe ever - was from Patisserie Lulu in Scarsdale].

      1. re: Striver

        big fans of german chocolate cake here. blackhounds "once frozen" variety is ok. the gcc at the four seasons hotel on maui used to be out favorite. followed by citizen cake in san fran.

        we figured we would schlep to scarsdale this afternoon from the city and ordered a small gcc which had already heard about.

        couldnt agree with you more. this was the best german choc cake ever.

        service was lousy (they never pick up the phone) and they lost our order. but in the end, the cake was orgasmic, to say the least

        1. re: sircynic28

          Glad you liked it as much as I do - we usually just go and buy slices of whatever they've cut up, so I haven't had any service issues (yet - we've got an order coming up soon).

          BTW, for chocolate fans, their After Midnight cake is also outstanding.

    2. My husband is a huge GCC lover. Last week we went to the Black Hound bakery downtown by Tomkins Square Park. He bought a miniature GCC and raved about it. Myself, I got the Queen Ann mini cake. It was to die for! Mocha frosting, raspberry filling, YUM!

      1. I really enjoyed a German Chocolate Cake my sister sent to me from Black HOund Bakery. My whole office loved it. Take a look at: