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Jun 26, 2006 05:04 AM

Orcutt - Jack's Famous Burgers and Bakery

Jack's Famous Burgers - Cafe and Bakery in Orcutt - North Santa Barbara County

Small cafe in small old town Orcutt - proudly displays sign claiming 25 years of famous hamburgers. Cozy, down-home cafe with booths and attentive, friendly service. LARGE portions - 11 ounce hamburgers (no smaller portions available) of various toppings and additions on nice sesame seed bun - basic burger is well cooked and additions do not necessarily add to the experience, though the pinapple teriyaki burger looked very flavorful.

I had the "Jack's special" but it was not all that flavorful beyond the tasty basic (over-large) burger itself. Prices approximately $7-8 dollars.

The raspberry pie was also huge but a taste disaster of gooey artificial filling and nary an intact raspberry in the whole huge piece of pie. Cookies as big a pie pans also available. So if size and overkill are what you are looking for this is the place. A nice place to stop for what it is - large hamburgers in a cozy friendly place in a small and growingly special town.

Save your dessert stomach for something else. Apple pie looked better. Shame because it is hard to find homemade pie these days and the crust was good - but the fillings were a disaster. I honestly expected fresh fruit in the middle of this lush argicultural area. Don't be fooled.

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  1. We took Mom there a few years ago on Mother's Day and were totally underwhelmed. Rather bland food, but the place was packed with people who liked the large portions. I had a slice of apple pie and it was forgettable. (I'm a big fan of the fresh apple pie at El Rancho Mkt in S Ynez with a nice home-style crust)

    I'd like to try the Loading Dock, and it's next-door neighbor Wine Cottage, both just down a block from Jack's.

    1. My wife and I frequent Jacks. It's one of my favorite places to eat. Their burgers are very big and delicious. I'm stuck on getting the delicious bacon burgers each time I go to Jacks. I'll eventually try something else, but those burgers get me every time.

      I've also been told their breakfast is delicious, but have yet to eat breakfast there.