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Jun 26, 2006 04:56 AM

Rib Shack in San Bruno report

went down to san bruno this afternoon to do some shopping and decided to try the newish Rib Shack, 223 El Camino Real. i read that they were serving Niman Ranch meats so i was intrigued to check things out. ordered a 'double fisted pulled pork sammich' for $8. as soon as i was asked what type of sauce i wanted, mild or "smokey", i knew there was trouble.

we were served a not too large portion of pulled pork open faced atop a hot dog bun (or possibly a small hoagie roll). the pork had some large chunks of fat and was very wet and seemed to have been braised, not smoked. definitely no smoke flavor here. didn't taste terrible, but it's definitely not real Q.

opted for a side of the chili beans and scorched my mouth on the first bite. these beans were beyond hot temperature wise. they were nuclear. they must've been nuked. burning my mouth on these flavorless beans definitely sealed the deal.

i recommend avoiding this place.

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  1. I agree. The owner and staff were extremely friendly, but the food just isn't up to par. I brought home leftovers, and my son didn't even want to eat them!

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      I agree. Jimmy's sides weren't anything to write home about. But the current sides in my opinion do not reflect the authenticity of the ribs. Me and My son purchased 2 dinners (over priced) especially feeling this way, once we had the opportunity to eat.

      At least the meat before was edible. The greens had too much vinegar and the mac and cheese, was gummy. I spoke to the owner and he realizes that the quality needs to be cooked by someone with the familiarization of 'Rustic" american southwest food. There will be a change in the up coming months.
      I started to go back and request my money back! But the gas buring up returning would have been equal to another dinner!