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Jun 26, 2006 04:26 AM

How much meat in a Carnegie or Stage Deli sandwich?

Okay, you go into the Carnegie Deli and you get a corned beef sandwich. Then you walk down the street to the Stage and you get a corned beef sandwich there. Which one has more meat in it? And does anyone have any idea of the weight of the meat in either sandwich? How about Katz's?

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  1. I actually bring a scale with me whenever I go out specifically to consume cured meats. It took me a minute to dig up the numbers, but: Carnegie ranges from 12.3 to 13.2 ounces of meat per sandwich, while the Stage ranges from 11.6 to 13.0 ounces of meat per sandwich. Amazingly enough, with well over 50 visits quite literally under my belt, Katz's has always served me exactly 13.3 ounces in every single sandwich I've ever ordered from them. Isn't that wild?

    I'm just kidding, I have no clue.

    1. A lot, here's a Carnegie Woody Allen> http://www.indefatigable-indolence.or...

      Note the height of the sandwich against the tall glass and long neck of Dr. Brown's.

      I had a turkey, corned beef and tongue combo at the Las Vegas Carnegie Deli last month, it was so massive I had to take half of it back to the hotel room, to eat later. You have to deconstruct these sandwichs in order to get them in your mouth.

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        Chino, how much was that monster?

        1. re: JMF

          Only about 16 bucks, which, since I come from a deli-deprived wasteland, consider very reasonable.

      2. First, hasn't the Stage shut down?

        As to size, I consider the Carnegie Deli's monster to be a two-meal sandwich; eat half at the restaurant, and take home the other half for a second meal.

        Katz's is a one-meal sandwich, and as of my latest comparison tasting, is more flavorful and juicy.

        I have no idea what the actual weight is, but that's the relative sizing.

        1. A Stage pastrami sandwich, Mar 19th, 2007-