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Jun 26, 2006 03:29 AM

Five Guys going downhill?

I felt less than wonderful after the last two times and a on separate visit, my gf went and also had a lousy experience. A trend?

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  1. A quick check of their website indicates somewhere in the neighborhood of 50 individually-run Five Guys franchises in Virginia. They probably haven't coordinated a system-wide downhill slide -- it might be worth trying another one. I haven't had any problems at the few I pop into on occasion.

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    1. re: big o

      I tried the one in Reston, my gf tried one of the DC locations. that's 2 out of 2 people sick from 2 locations. not a good margin of error there.

    2. The franchises are in groups of 5 minimum. Probably a good chance that if one slides, that group is in the same trend. However, the one in Reston is as good as ever, if not somehow better - they've been getting an increasing amount of my traffic recently.

      1. Increased sales volume + more franchises = decline in quality of product.

        I no longer go to the FGs on Route 1 in NoVA. The one near the Navy Yard is good, so long as you get there early.

        1. The quality of the meat seems very inconsistent from store to store. Sometimes their burgers have that "stinky" ground beef quality after being cooked. Perfectly edible,but the smell is just overwhelming to the flavor of the buger. Is it a quality control issue? The fries are still good though.

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            I've noticed a WIDE variance in the quality of their fries from store to store. They're usually pretty fresh during the tail end of the lunch rush, but they can be stale and soggy at other times.

          2. Won't comment on the food, but the Georgetown employees seem to have a bad attitude.

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            1. re: Mister Big

              Working in that insanely laid-out place would make me nasty too. Whose bright idea was it to have people handing out orders on a 90 degree angle???