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Jun 26, 2006 03:18 AM

15 Minute Edit Limit Deep Sixed?

Perhaps I missed an announcement about this. A couple of minutes ago I was reading a reply to a 4-hour old post of mine and spotted a typo in my post. There was an edit button, I clicked it, and edited the typo....

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  1. I noticed the same thing. Actualy mine was from this morning.

    If it is not something like a typo, I've been putting notes in the post about what was edited otherwise it might get people confused about what changed.

    1. I went back and made a trivial edit to my first post on the new Board, made three days ago, just to test it, and it worked.

      I do think the software should automatically add an Edited by... line with a new timestamp, just to keep us honest.

      1. I too am confused by this 15-minute limit and what it actually pertains to. I posted a query here:

        Based on the CH Team's response, I first interpreted that I would have a 15-minute window after posting to edit my post. Once this 15-minute window expired, editing would no longer be an option.

        After looking around though, I noticed that all my old posts had "edit" buttons at the bottom so then assumed that the 15-minute limit is effective during the editing period, whether that be 10 min. or 10 days after my initial post.

        Either way, I like the idea of an open edit policy but agree that some notation should be made.

        1. It has been turned off for the time being.