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Jun 26, 2006 03:10 AM

Best french toast downtown?

Any suggestions for delicious french toast downtown? I love it at Clinton Street Baking Co. but the line is always too long.


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  1. my parents were in from out of town a few weeks ago and we went to Balthazar for brunch. Not really my scene and the prices were pretty off the charts but the brioche french toast was spectacular (it better be for $16!!!!).

    1. Paris Commune in GV is very well known for their french toast. Sometimes there's a line though.

      1. George's restaurant, corner of Greenwich and Rector- awesome french toast

        1. I end up ordering french toast 95% of the time I go out to brunch. Some of my stand outs include 9th Street Market, good (stuffed), Jane (stuffed, a bit too sweet), Deborah, Blue Ribbon Bakery, Pastis, Les Deux Gamins, and Extra Virgin.

          1. I second the 9th Street market recommendation. Comes piled with very good fresh fruit.