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What's the second best burger in Chelsea/Flatiron?

Let's not debate the merits of Shake Shack. For this thread, let's concede that it's a good burger, perhaps the best in the neighborhood (some would say the best in the city, although I would not). But I think we also can concede that it's not worth waiting 45 minutes in line for.

So if I want a burger in the Chelsea/Flatiron area without the wait, where should I be going?

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  1. I would walk over to Molly's on 3rd avenue and 23rd street. Still my favorite buger, other than the Shake of course

    1. I don't have the strength to explain myself, but I strongly disagree with Molly's proponents.

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        Well, I definitely will have to try it then and weigh in.

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          bacon/cheeseburger at Molly's is pretty good. substitute onion rings for fries. a pint is obligatory.

      2. corner bistro is always a classic winner...plus for a bit more money, I am a huge fan of rare.

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          Seconded. I dunno if it's just because the line is so long that I'm starving by the time that I sit down, but that is a tasty burger.

          If you can't stand the wait, Half King and Trailer Park have very decent burgers.

        2. I don't know if it's the "best" but in a burger crunch I happen to like the burgers at the NY Burger Company on 21st and 6th. I think there's another one on Park.

          1. It might be here -


            Metro Cafe and Wine Bar. Great burger. I've been there 3 times for lunch in the past 2 weeks (watching soccer) and gotten a burger each time. Chargrilled and juicy with great flavor. It comes on a thick bun that is just the right size for the patty.

            Molly's burger is too big for my taste and doesn't have the flavor of this one. I do love Molly's for a pint, though.

            1. I have to weigh back in--I forgot about Metro Cafe-- their Kobe Beef Burger is awesome. Both that and Molly's are great choices.

              1. Wasn't that impressed w/NY Burger Company, except for the onion rings - which are greasy but amazing!

                Perfect meal - those onion rings, a Shake Shack burger and a Coke Slurpee!!!

                1. Blue Smoke has a great burger!

                  1. I second Blue Smoke, and put another vote down for Molly's

                    1. Flight 151 on 8th Ave/17th st. makes a solid burger.

                      1. Old Town Bar and Restaurant. Both the hamburgers and the turkeyburgers are very good, although the edge goes to the turkey burger. Nice ambiance too. Reasonable prices. Chicken wings pretty tasty too.

                        Its on 18th street between broadway and park ave south.

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                          Seconded! Used to work right there and in the right mood, preferred to the Shack! (Not to mention, in the winter...)

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                            Thirded. (Best) burgers and pizza will always be lively debated topics, but I OT's burger incredibly consistent and delicious, perhaps in part because it's served on an English muffin. And you can't beat the place for atmosphere.