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Jun 26, 2006 02:58 AM

What's the second best burger in Chelsea/Flatiron?

Let's not debate the merits of Shake Shack. For this thread, let's concede that it's a good burger, perhaps the best in the neighborhood (some would say the best in the city, although I would not). But I think we also can concede that it's not worth waiting 45 minutes in line for.

So if I want a burger in the Chelsea/Flatiron area without the wait, where should I be going?

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  1. I would walk over to Molly's on 3rd avenue and 23rd street. Still my favorite buger, other than the Shake of course

    1. I don't have the strength to explain myself, but I strongly disagree with Molly's proponents.

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        Well, I definitely will have to try it then and weigh in.

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          bacon/cheeseburger at Molly's is pretty good. substitute onion rings for fries. a pint is obligatory.

      2. corner bistro is always a classic for a bit more money, I am a huge fan of rare.

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          Seconded. I dunno if it's just because the line is so long that I'm starving by the time that I sit down, but that is a tasty burger.

          If you can't stand the wait, Half King and Trailer Park have very decent burgers.

        2. I don't know if it's the "best" but in a burger crunch I happen to like the burgers at the NY Burger Company on 21st and 6th. I think there's another one on Park.

          1. It might be here -


            Metro Cafe and Wine Bar. Great burger. I've been there 3 times for lunch in the past 2 weeks (watching soccer) and gotten a burger each time. Chargrilled and juicy with great flavor. It comes on a thick bun that is just the right size for the patty.

            Molly's burger is too big for my taste and doesn't have the flavor of this one. I do love Molly's for a pint, though.