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Jun 26, 2006 02:29 AM

Problem with "." in usernames?

I registered as my old (pre-relaunch) username "Sgt. Snackers".
Note the "." in the username. Although the registration page worked
fine and I can login, every time I try to do something requiring me
to be logged in, such as posting a reply, it asks me to login again.

I just noticed that registering under the alternative username
"Sgt Snackers" (no ".") works fine.

Possible bug in the site?

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  1. Yes, sorry, we're currently having a problem with usernames that have a period in them. We've made the developers aware if it.

    In the meantime, if you are attached to your priod, you'll have to hold on until it's fixed. Otherwise, we suggest you register without the period.

    1. A Similar problem. I had to change my login because of the "." issue but it says I cannot use my Email since it is tied to the first Login. Is there anyway to blow out the old Login of "and P." to free up the Email associated with it?

      Thanks and take care


      1. Unfortunately, not yet. We're hoping for that soon.