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Jun 26, 2006 12:57 AM

Fried Chicken in San Francisco

I am looking for great Fried Chicken within the city limits of San Francisco. Style or type of restaurant is not an issue. Any recommendations?

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  1. I had some great fried chicken at Town Hall several weeks ago. Not only was it good but there was a lot of it. Only drawback to the dish was they put brown gravy on the biscuits, it was some sort of "etouffe" gravy according to the manager. Being from the south I would have been much happier with good ol' cream gravy. Still, the chicken was very good.

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      Before this topic got bumped, the most recent post was from March 2007.

      Here's another topic started in September 2007 that has 36 posts:

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          Try The Street on Polk Street. Kinda hate to give this secret away...but I know what it is like looking for good fried chicken. They only serve it on Sun nights!

          And if you can cross the GG bridge, try Bungalow 44 in Mill Valley. They have "kickin' fried chicken" on the regular menu. Pretty good.

          Haven't tried all the E Bay places yet...but my favorite so far is House of Chicken & Waffles on Embarcadeo W near Jack London Square.

    2. honestly... popeye's has always been able to fix my cravings in a hurry... ive heard bluejay cafe has good fried chicken but ive never been.

      1. A couple years ago, I bought wings at Popeye's on Divisadero. When I got home and started to eat them, I noticed lots of white feathers, threw them out and never went there again. The fried chicken at Hard Knox Cafe on 3rd is good, also cheap.

        1. Hard Knox is the place I go when I want some great fried chicken.

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              I've wanted to get to Hard Knox for a long time now, but my husband says the service is glacial and the meal will take forever. Is this true?

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                I've never had that experience at Hard Knox, even when it's busy. The longest part of our meals has always been the amount of time it takes to finish your meal. The portions there are LARGE!

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                  Okay, we finally tried Hard Knox. Didn't get the fried chicken this time, as we often have to wrangle a 9 month old while we eat, so we tend to order something that requires only one hand using a utensil. I had the fried pork chop, eggs, and grits, and I had to try the corn muffins. Many people around us got fried chicken, and it looks great. The corn muffins were awesome, and I am a corn muffin fanatic.

                  The service was really friendly, but I do have to say that things did move at a snail's pace. The food took quite a long time to come out, others who came in after us were served their food first, and we were never offered drink/water refills. Not that I won't go back, because I definitely will.

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                    Had to register my dissent re the service at Hard Knox. I went for the first time last night during the dinner rush and service was prompt and great. The servers were attentive, we got our water and drinks straight away and the corn muffins were piping hot straight out of the oven. Didn't try the fried chicken last night but the ribs were awesome. I'll be back again soon.

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                  Skip the chicken fried steak. blech

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                    I am wondering which location are you referring to -the 3rd Street location or the one on Clement?

                3. I've been on a F.C. quest too. So far, the best I've had was at House of Soul in Vallejo, but that's rather inconvenient when you live in SF. I'll hit up Popeye's in a crunch, but I'm planning on doing a more formal tasting between there and Hard Knox. Most recently, I went to Maverick's special Southern Fried Night and was really disappointed in the chicken. It was over fried and very oily. The rest of the meal was pretty good, hush puppies and a peach and little gem salad. You can read the full review on yelp

                  Most people seem to report better luck at places in the East Bay (Nellies, etc.).

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                    I agree, there seems to be more of this in the East Bay. I have had both positive and negative experiences at Popeyes. I really want to find a solid FC in the City. I know that Jack Falstaff is good for an upscale FC too. Thanks to all posters.

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                      A New Orleans friend told me the trick for Popeye's: order only "spicy" fresh out of the fryer. If it's been sitting around, wait, or give up.