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Jun 26, 2006 12:27 AM

Grimaldi's-Rude and arrogant

Last night, my girlfriend and I brought an out of town guest who was craving pizza to Grimaldi's. There was a wait, as usual. After waiting about 25 minutes the line was slowly moving along. Then, two SUV's pulled up with approx. 12 people who were dressed up trying to look like celebrities going to a club, and were let in immediately. Looking in the window, you could see they took up the better part of 1/3 of the restaurant, thus prolonging our wait. Knowing the restuarant doesn't take reservations, we inquired why they got to sit immediately and the host said they had "made arrangements weeks ago. They're a tour group from Europe". When we asked how much longer our wait would be, he just said he didn't know. When we told him people who were on line were getting upset and leaving at having been skipped in line after waiting patiently, he just shrugged his shoulders as if it didn't matter to him at all. Clearly, Grimaldi's is not above preferential treatment or changing their policies as they see fit. But worse, they just didn't care at all how it affected us, their customers, who had been already waiting on line. We left and ordered pizza from Fascati's, vowing never to return.

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  1. I've given Grimaldi's the perma-ban too.

    Called in an order about 2 weeks ago and was told 30-35 mins. Showed up at around 20 mins later and asked the usual bitter guy at the front if it was ready. He mumbled something that sounded like "wait by the door." So I go outside and wait with the others. A guy came out holding a pizza, said something so I asked if it was my small pepperoni and he said no. 20 mins later, still no pizza so I go back in and the guy tells me my pizza was sitting on the ATM by the door. "Your pizza's been sitting there for an hour. Thank you." Then said it's at the door not for me to wait by the door.

    I've never seen people making money hand over fist like that be so bitter. I'll just be giving my business to Fascati in the neighborhood.

    1. Hey - I was actually there last night as well and was also in line when that crazy crowd came in.(what a freak show) I was with a couple friends and we were wondering why they were escorted in like that. Thanks for the explanation as to why we ended up waiting another half hour. Not that it’s any better, but I could understand that type of arrogance from a trendy Manhattan restaurant. But come on - this is just pizza. It’s not even that great, but people are loyal and go there because it’s a piece of the neighborhood and for the local charm of the place. But now it seems like Grimaldi’s is just like any other phony Manhattan place that doesn’t give a care about their customers. From now on, I’ll take my pizza craving elsewhere.

      BTW - we ended up leaving and going to Fascati’s too.

      1. upsetting to say the least. They can be rude in there- but I've never felt it was bad enough to leave. I've had similar frustrations with the line- but all in all the pizza's really good (MUCH better than Fascati's).

        1. Give me a break! You should know that any restaurant, including most that don't take reservations, require previous notice for LARGE groups, for which a tour group certainly qualifies. Of course it's frustrating when waiting in line yourself, and if you want to hate Grimaldi's (for the many other reasons that apply), fine, but the taking in a group who has made arrangements beforehand is too legit a reason to hold against them.

          PS. If I had to deal with as many tourists as the Grimaldi's people do, I wouldn't be in too good a mood either.

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            Its certain legit to be upset if they dont TELL you that a big group is going to get precedence when they arrive. The restaurant owes its patiently waiting customers at least that.

          2. The way to deal with Grimaldis is call in an order and pick it up. Also I think you have to be a bit pushy with them- then they back down and accomodate. I live in Cobble Hill and often call as I'm on either the Kosciusko or getting on the Brooklyn Bridge- park with my flashers righht in front of the door, and I've never spent more than three minutes on a transaction, no matter how long the line is.